Kazuo TAKAGI**

Kazuo Takagi : the master of Japanese cuisine

  • 2 Michelin Star chef
  • Japanese chef in Kyoto
  • Kyo style cuisine

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First of all, Kazuo Takagi comes from a culinary family and his ambition was clear to him from an early age.

“I knew I would be a chef from when I was three years old. When I graduated from kindergarten I was already writing I would be a Japanese chef in the future. My grandfather was a chef, and I respected him very much. I wanted to be like him.”

Indeed, his mother was an instructor in culinary school, and became his mentor, leading him in the direction of Kyo cuisine.

Since, his restaurant in Kyoto has since garnered two Michelin stars

The complexity of the menu that includes many styles of preparation is designed to appeal to all the senses. As well as extending the dining experience to an awareness of seasonal change, poetic beauty and the bounty and versatility of nature.

“It is difficult to say what is Kyo style, but … to feel the seasons, to feel Japan. Kyo is the style of the old capital Kyoto, and all [Japanese] culture comes from Kyoto. So all the fundamentals [of Japanese cuisine] are there,” Kazuo Takagi said.

Furthermore, Kazuo Takagi has deep respect and love for these traditions. Thus, he hopes to bring a greater understanding of them to a wider audience.

Kazuo Takagi’s unique background:

Born in 1972
1992.3 went to England to study English
1995.3 graduated from Kyoto sangyo university
1995.3 start career at Kitano Yamatoya (Osaka)
1998.6 work at Kyoyamato (Kyoto) http://www.kyoyamato.com
2005.2 open restaurant Kyoryuri Takagi
2007.9 move restaurant to the new and current address

Finally, got 2 stars in Michelin guide book in 2010

2011.10 Got 2 stars in Michelin continually
2012.3 Gave demonstration of Japanese cuisine technique at Egast http://www.egast.fr in FR
2012.6 Promotion at Shangri-la far eastern hotel in Taipei Taiwan
2012.9 Open brunch bento shop ‘Nichi Nichi’ and hot pot restaurant ’Kougithu’ 2012.10 Got 2 stars in Michelin continually
2013.6 Promotion with Frederic Simonin at restaurant Frederic Simonin in Paris France
2013.6 Promotion at JW Marriott hotel in Seoul Korea
2013.9 Start supervision Japanese restaurant which name is ibuki at Shangri-la Taipei and ibuki renew to ibuki by Takagi Kazuo
2013.10 Got 2 stars in Michelin continually & Hot pot restaurant ‘Kozithu’ also got 1 star in Michelin guide



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