Michelin-starred Kyoto Cuisine TAKAGI** – VIDEO

For the International Chef Showcase 2017, Michelin have featured Kazuo Takagi of two-Michelin-starred Kyoto Cuisine TAKAGI.

米芝蓮國際大廚系列 2017: 高木一雄 | The MICHELIN International Chef Showcas…

米芝蓮國際大廚系列 2017,是次請來米芝蓮二星餐廳 Kyoto Cuisine TAKAGI 主廚高木一雄,於活動期間大展廚藝。了解更多: http://bit.ly/高木一雄For the International Chef Showcase 2017, we have featured Takagi Kazuo of two-Michelin-starred Kyoto Cuisine TAKAGI, Japan as he demonstrates his Japanese culinary skills.Read more on: http://bit.ly/TakagiKazuo

Posted by Michelin Guide Hong Kong Macau on Samstag, 9. September 2017

About the series:

First, the International Chef Showcase is a prestigious event. Indeed it brings top guest chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants around the world to restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau. So diners here get to experience some of the world’s best cuisines without having to travel. Yet, this unique event is organised as part of the partnership between esteemed wine publisher Robert Parker Wine Advocate and Michelin. As a result, it brings together the most sought-after wines with exquisite culinary creations by the critically acclaimed chefs. Read more on: http://bit.ly/TakagiKazuo


About the Chef: see his full profile here

First, Takagi Kazuo is owner-chef of ‘Kyoto cuisine TAKAGI’ in Ashiya, a city between Osaka and Kobe. Moreover, two Michelin stars are rewarding the restaurant since 2010, and Kazuo Takagi himself is a recognised master of the super refined Kyoto style of Japanese cuisine known as ‘Kyo-ryori.’ Indeed, famous for its innovation in terms of both the food itself and the decoration, Kyo-ryori cuisine uses unique and traditional methods to unfold and celebrate cultural tales and capture the changing seasons of Kyoto. In addition, Kazuo Takagi has a deep respect and love for these traditions, and hopes to bring a greater understanding of them to a wider audience through cooking classes and gourmet experiences.

He maintains, “True Kyoto cuisine is rare even in Japan nowadays, since preparation is complicated; but I want it to continue its long history.”

As dashi (a broth made of kombu and bonito) is the building block of Japanese cuisine. Thus, chef Kazuo is leaving little to chance and bringing his own. This will be made into a jelly for the appetiser. Kegani crab, sea urchin, caviar, local seasonal vegetables and herbs will be served with it. To conclude the menu highlights these ingredients and represents all four seasons to be savoured within that same course.

“I hope that through cooking classes and gourmet experiences, more people understand the tradition of Kyoto cuisine,” he says.

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