Ajay CHOPRA – Indian MasterChef Jury

Chef Ajay CHOPRA : a refreshing approach to Indian food culture


  • Indian celebrity Chef
  • Several TV show including Jury at MasterChef
  • Modern Indian Food

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Quirky, fun loving, larger than life!!!

His motto and claim to fame is the ideologies of  “LOVE ~ PRAY ~ COOK.”


Just as no dish is complete without love, Chef believes that all our lives should follow the same mantra. Only if you give love to all unconditionally, can that come back to you threefold!


Be it a weekly or daily visit to the house of God or a small prayer every night, spirituality plays such an enormous and wonderful part in our lives. It gives a sense of calm, gratitude and love for something so much larger than ourselves.


Whether you’re a chef or a home cook, there’s one thing that’s for certain – no dish will be perfect unless you make it with passion. After all, cooking is an art and no art is perfected unless it’s backed by dollops of passion with a sprinkling of love.


An acclaimed culinarian, his love and passion for food has seen him grow as a modern Indian chef. To his credits Ajay Chopra has been blessed to work as an executive chef with some of the biggest hotel brands. His conviction and diligence has conferred him as one of the most celebrated chefs in the Indian television and food industry.

Now a “Chefpreneur”- Ajay Chopra has taken his passion for cooking to the next level with associations in the corporate, e- commerce and the restaurant spaces.

Looking at the ever evolving global Food industry Ajay with LOVE  in this heart, PRAYERS on his lips & COOKING on his mind set out to be an Entrepreneur.

Along with the endorsements form brands like Monini, Kellogg’s, Oddy paper wraps etc. And associations with several renowned multinationals, Ajay Chopra has ventured in a very big and successful way in the corporate and ecommerce business with Sodexo India, Restaurants in India and abroad & Burgundy Box 




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