Ali Ghzawi – Winner Top Chef Middle East 2019

Chef Ali Ghzawi : one of the region’s most famous chefs



  • Jordanian chef and entrepreneur
  • Winner “Top Chef Middle East 2019”
  • Host several Tv Shows in Middle East

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Chef Ali Ghzawi

Ali Ghzawi is a renowned Jordanian chef, and the winner of “Top Chef Middle East 2019” title. After discovering his passion for the art of food at the age of 17, the journey of this young chef began by him completing his education in Global Hospitality, at the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts. Ali then pursued a passion that had by now transformed into a career and became one of the region’s most famous chefs for his age. For this, he was nominated in Forbes 30 under 30 in the middle east. Chef Ali Ghzawi now owns his own restaurants and travels around the world representing his Country, Jordan, in many culinary and philanthropy events. His live cooking shows are broadcasted on TVs across the region. Ali describes his culinary sense as “an authentic and simple yet sophisticated style “; He likes to use basic ingredients to create high-end dishes.

Alee Culinary Center

Alee is a multi-concept F&B project owned by Chef Ali Ghzawi. It is located in the authentic area of Jabal Amman, Jordan with a 360C panoramic view,featuring the citadel and the historic Roman ruins. The location is a charming one built around the concept of a roof top garden. Alee is an upscale dining experience with a signature rotating set menu highlighting the roots, stories, cultures and inspirations of Chef Ali Ghzawi. The venue is dissected into three distinctive parts; Alee is a Culinary Creative Center, whereby the location is a stage that holds cooking demos and serves as a place to teach the community about culinary arts. The TOP is a comfortable lounge serving munchies and bite-sized food, where guests can enjoy the lovely surrounding of 200+ old architectural sites. Jnaineh is a garden style concept with a barbecue inspired menu that reflects the Middle Eastern culture.
Alee supports 3 main goals:
Women empowerment: rooted within a deep appreciation towards women’s role in supporting and nurturing local cultures, Alee’s management teamed up with local ladies in order to feature their local handmade products, as well as offering CCC as a stage for them to teach the community authentic traditional recipes. Youth empowerment: Youth are at the center stage at Alee’s interests. Teaching the generations of tomorrow the values of cooking and catering to people beyond the food is a main goal. Therefore, at Alee all of or talents with no exceptions are young localgraduates. Sustainability: Supporting the local community, traditions, and culture through the culinary art is at the heart of our goal towards sustainability.



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