Alvin LEUNG***

Chef Alvin Leung – the Demon Chef

  • 3 stars at Bo Innovation in HK
  • Strong Chinese techniques &French influences
  • Rare self-taught chefs to have 3 stars
  • ‘X-treme’ dishes from the Demon chef

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With his trademark colour-streaked hair, cross earrings and sunglasses, chef Alvin Leung has blazed a trail of his own in the culinary arts. Leung’s culinary innovations and larger than life personality has established him as a global star on the international food scene.

The self-proclaimed ‘Demon Chef’

– the Chinese characters for which are tattooed on his arm – has no formal kitchen training. Yet, he is one of the rare self-taught chefs to have a 3 Michelin star establishment. As chef/owner of Hong Kong’s Bo Innovation, his unique ‘X-treme Chinese’ cuisine is lauded for modernizing centuries-old ingredients and traditional recipes with modern techniques and flavors, delivering novel dishes in tune with contemporary palates.

Born in London, England, Leung spent most of his formative years in Toronto, Canada. Growing up in the suburb of Scarborough, he remains a dedicated ice hockey fan.

In 2003, he began cooking professionally at a private kitchen restaurant that eventually became Bo Innovation. In 2009, it became one of Hong Kong’s few independent restaurants (not affiliated with a hotel) to be awarded 2 Michelin stars. In 2013, it was elevated to 3 Michelin stars status and has maintained that status to this day.

Leung also operates the contemporary Cantonese eatery Forbidden Duck in Hong Kong and Singapore, Leung has also introduced his daring cuisine to Mainland China Bo Shanghai and Daimon Bistro, other restaurants operated by Chef Leung include the modern Asian cuisine 15 Stamford by Alvin Leung, Korean eatery Bib N Hops and casual Spanish bodega Plato 86. He also operates R&D in Toronto, Canada.

A unique profile in the culinary landscape

Despite his ‘rock and roll’ image, Leung is professionally trained as an engineer, a discipline he exercised for many years. This methodical, almost scientific, approach manifests in every dish he presents.

Leung’s outlandish personality and flair has made him a sought-after guest at food events and culinary conferences across the world. He has become a familiar face on TV as a judge on MasterChef Canada and, in Asia, the host of The Maverick Chef, Wok Stars and Wok The World. He also starred in the Korean food and travel programs, Seoul Extreme and Seoul Refined.

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