Begoña RODRIGO *

Chef Begoña RODRIGO : the Spanish flavour of elegance



  • Spanish 1 Star chef in Valencia
  • Cook of the year in 2014
  • Winner of the first Top Chef TV show in Spain

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Born in Valencia 15th August of 1975. “This self_taught chef with forearms scarred by the burns she receives daily knows full well that her trade is learnt in the kitchen, and her obstinacy, witch she has in greater measure than most, has led her to put down roots in front of the stove . we are speaking about a person who went back to work in the kitchen of her restaurant three days after giving birth.

Valencia and her Mediterranean host a Begoña Rodrigo who didn´t come into the world of cooking through tradition. Begoña tastes of the sea…but also of the hills , of mushrooms and game. She trained in fits and starts in Kitchens and hotels ( always outside Spain ) the furthest thing from traditional, 14 years after opening the doors of her restaurant , she continues to be a great lover of free cuisine. She runs a restaurant where she is her own boss. Begoña is today a role model for many chefs who embark on a business venture in the world of hospitality , in wich tenacity and non-conformity rarely fail to produce results . The defined flavours, the exquisite beauty of her creation , the use of thecnique at the service of taste and an excellent choice of products make the cooking of Begoña Rodrigo, something especial.” Javi Antoja -editor´s manager from Montagud editors Begoña studied industrial design.

When she was 20 years old, she traveled to Amsterdam in search of an experience, where she started cooking in 1995 at the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel under the command of Nick Reade (head chef of Michael Roux for 17 years). For eight years she worked in the Netherlands and traveled around the world looking for new flavors. In 2003 she moved to London where she worked in Aquarium. After ten years he returned to his native Valencia. in Valencia she worked in “La Sucursal” 1* a few months until opening her first restaurant La Salita in November 2005.

Begoña Rodrigo is a well-known professional chef who has won the first edition of the television program, Top Chef. She is known for her work on The Last Supper in 2020, Top Chef: Spain in 2013, and El comidista in 2017. In 2013, she won the first edition of the Top Chef television contest. The show was then judged and presented by chefs- Alberto ChicoteSusi Díaz, and Ángel León. She defeated the other two finalist chefs, Antonio Arrabal and Miguel Cobo, to win the contest. And a year later, in 2014, she was named best cook in the Valencian Community.



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