Cedric BURTIN **

Chef Cedric Burtin : « From Authenticity appears pleasure »

  • French 2 Star chef
  • Burgundy as a terroir for his Cuisine
  • Several concepts (Gastro, Bistrot, …)

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Since his young age, he knews that he would not continue the family tradition : Cédric Burtin comes from a family of Charolais’ cows farmer for many générations. It is around 14 years old, when he helped to prepare the family dinner, the Chef was seized by a passion for cooking. And his family gave him the love of the Burgundy terroir and exceptional products as a legacy. Then, he decided to join an Hotel Management and cookery School in Mercurey and did an apprenticeship in Daniel Doucet’s restaurant in Charolles. The Cuisine of his mentor gave him the desire to surpass himself to go further and further. With his diploma under the belt, he started the rite of passage in force in the profession.

First, two years with the Chef Pierre Orsi (1 Michelin star) in Lyon where he learned rigor, authoritativeness and mutual respect ; he immersed himself in the learning of this thorought Chef. Then, one year with Paul Bocuse (3 Michelin stars), the « The Pope of French Gastronomy » where he cultivated again his sense of excellence and also simplicity. And one year and a half with Patrick Henriroux (2 Michelin Stars) in Vienne, in the legendary Restaurant « La Pyramide ». He continued his improvement during a year with Guy Lassausaie (2 Michelin Stars) in Chasselay. Then, one more year and a half in the restaurant « La Rotonde » with the Chef Philippe Gauvreau (2 Michelin Stars) in Charbonnières-les-bains.

In 2005, at 23 years old, he felt a desire of autonomy

He prospected in Burgundy because his attachment with this region is very important for him. Then, an opportunity presented to him in a village called « Sennecey-le-Grand ». This place, an old pizzeria hadn’t any charm but it doesn’t matter… His passion and his desire to give the best of himself were stronger.
The clientele grews quickly : first, out of curiosity and then for his Cuisine and competences. After three years of progression, in January 2008, Cédric Burtin has undertaken to make important works to transform the restaurant. One month later, in February 2008, a Michelin Guide Star came to recognize his work.

Cooking in an exceptional place

In 2010, Cédric Burtin decided to purchase a charming place : « Le Moulin de Martorey », an old flourmill which dates back to the 19th century and was transformed in a restaurant.
In May 2010, after 2 weeks and some works, the restaurant changed hands. The faithful clientele followed and approved of this changement and new costumers discovered a Cuisine whose the simplicity underline precision, pleasure and love of good food.
Florent Berton is at Cédric Burtin’s side and assist him faithfully since Sennecey-Le-Grand.
This restaurant Potential is considerable. Cédric Burtin have many development projects. This is his professionnal identity : progress, surpass himself with a daring but moderate ambition.

Since 2023, Cedric Burtin received a second star.




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