Chloé CHARLES – Top chef 2021

Chloé Charles in one moto: “don’t feed the trash!”


  • French Nomad chef
  • Passion for sustainability, no waste, local sourcing
  • TV Show top chef 2021

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Chloé Charles’ gastronomic story is rooted in the strict, classic standards of French culinary education and her passion for sustainability has put her on a nonstop path to success. With gained experience and professional encounters in the culinary realm it became clear to Chloé Charles that what she truly loved were the produces. A career milestone came in 2007 under the apprenticeship of chef François Pasteau of l’Epi Dupin where she learnt to stretch the limits of her creativity by being challenged to use 100% of each produce every day. She then brought this zero waste philosophy to Lasserre, then still to l’Astrance, l’Agapé, l’Agapé Substance, and finally to Septime where she worked as sous-chef under Bertrand Grébaut for two years.

In 2015, Chloé Charles was presented with the opportunity to become the first resident-chef at Fulgurances’ restaurant L’Adresse. During this time, she passionately promoted her sustainable cuisine by starting each meal with a zero-waste amuse-bouche for every client.

Today, Chloé Charles is a multifaceted entrepreneur that has free rein of her culinary style, which she describes as being strict in philosophy, but also generous and colorful. She often caters private diners and receptions and is a frequent advisor to countless restaurants, cafeterias and community organizations on the topics of sustainability and zero-waste. Her moto is “don’t feed the trash!”



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