Christian MARTENA

Chef Christian Martena: Exploring the Art of Contemporary Italian Fine Dining in BKK




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Clara Restaurant is one of the most sought-after destinations for contemporary Italian fine dining in Bangkok, providing patrons with incredible service, a stunning atmosphere, and cuisine that is not only authentic but also immensely fulfilling to the senses.

Chef Christian Martena’s journey in the restaurant industry is a remarkable one. Coming from a family that has a tradition in food and restaurant business, he started cooking at a young age in his family restaurant. However, his passion for cooking took him on a journey around the world to gain more experience. After traveling across Spain, Portugal, Brazil, and Paris, he settled in Thailand 12 years ago, where he decided to open his own restaurant, Clara, named after his wife.

Restaurant Clara, BKK

Clara’s philosophy of minimalism is reflected in Chef Christian Martena’s cuisine. He believes that less is more and only uses a maximum of 3-4 products to compose a dish. This philosophy is reminiscent of the Bauhaus philosophy, which emphasizes clean lines and simplicity.

The couple behind this new fine-dining contender in Yen Akart definitely knows what they’re doing. Christian Martena gave us Sensi, one of Bangkok’s most lauded Italian restaurants a few years ago. He’s also the executive chef at paradise resort Six Senses Koh Samui. Recently, the veteran chef, together with his wife and business partner Clara del Corso-Martena, has opened a new restaurant that serves reinterpreted Italian fare amidst some of modern and stylish interiors

Clara takes up the massive space vacated by the Bauhaus-style Villa Yenakart exhibition hall. Its white walls feature awe-inspiring art pieces by local abstract artist Somboon Hormtientong, while the surrounding garden teems with sculptures by the late French sculptor VAL—best appreciated at night when they’re illuminated by lighting designed by Matteo Massevry. A private chef’s table section boasts a sleek wooden table and leather chairs tattooed with drawings of sea creatures. Each element combines to make Clara one of the most beautiful restaurants in Bangkok.

Once again, Chef Christian Martena blends modern vision with meticulous techniques and balanced flavors to create sumptuous Italian fare.



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