Christophe BACQUIE **

Chef Christophe Bacquié : a new (three) star is born!


  • French 3 Stars chef, currently 2*
  • MOF (Best crafstmen of France)
  • Relais & Chateaux

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With three stars in the Guide Michelin and being a Meilleur Ouvrier de France (2004), Christophe Bacquié is managing the cuisine of the Hôtel & Spa du Castellet since November 2009. He left Le Castellet to open his own place, le Mas des Eydins in Provence, in 2023 and got directly 2* in 2024.

During his professional life, several encounters have been important for him. After l’Oasis in Mandelieu-La-Napoule with Stéphane Raimbault and Louis Outhier, the Parisian experience has been important with Prunier for example. He then went back to Corsica where he grew up and work for 12 years there. A first star in the Guide Michelin in 2002, the second in 2007. In 2008 he was awarded by the Relais Gourmand Trophy, and became « Grand Chef » Relais&Châteaux. In 2009, he takes a new challenge and leave Corsica to Provence, where he takes in charge the cuisines of the Hôtel & Spa du Castellet. In 2010, he wins back the second star with the Restaurant Christophe Bacquié.

He also takes in charge the management of the whole cuisines of the Tourism Pole of Le Castellet (Hôtel & Spa du Castellet*****, Grand Prix Hôtel***). The year 2011 begins with his new project for the Hôtel du Castellet, the « Le San Felice » bistrot restaurant which opened in May 2011. In November 2011, the Restaurant Christophe Bacquié enters in the private world of the Grandes Tables du Monde. February 5, 2018, Christophe Bacquié got an additional Michelin star and joined the very exclusive three-star circle of France.

Today I work with a family of fishermen – three generations – at the Sanary market, where I go to meet with them every morning

I discovered cooking at hotel school, as I had first thought of becoming a member of serving staff. However, when I met great chefs in important brigades I discovered the ways of thinking and spirit of these men and women, all so different and fascinating in themselves. I owe a great deal to Raoul Gaiga and Jean-Yves Guého at Le Méridien Montparnasse restaurant, to Gabriel Biscay of Maison Prunier restaurant, and to Louis Outhier and the Raimbaut brothers at L’Oasis restaurant in Napoule before I spent twelve years as chef at La Villa restaurant in Calvi. What has left its mark on me from all these experiences? The rigour you need to reach the most exacting quality, the quest for top-quality ingredients, the need for the dining room and the kitchens to be in tune with each other, and finally the work as part of a brigade where each individual performs an important role. My reward? The Best Worker in France award in 2004 and winning two stars in the Michelin Guide, first in 2007 at La Villa restaurant in Calvi, and then again in 2010 at the restaurant at Hôtel du Castellet after I had been there for only 2 months: that was a moment of great satisfaction and joy, shared with the brigade and the management. My cuisine? Mediterranean and up to date, putting ingredients foremost, with plenty of flavour, a cuisine where you can imagine the techniques that lie behind it but you can’t see them…


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