Daniel BIRK

Chef Dan Birk : a refined and experiential addition to Dubai’s burgeoning offering



  • Star chef at Row on 45 Dubai
  • #41 at MENA 50 Best 2024
  • Exec Chef of Jason Atherton

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With over two decades of culinary experience, Daniel Birk has traversed from his early cooking days in school to a seasoned chef, honing his craft in Michelin-starred kitchens for 17 years. After training in a prestigious 5-star hotel in Yorkshire, he ascended through the ranks, serving as sous chef under Germain Schwab in a renowned 2 Michelin-starred kitchen at Winteringham fields. Daniel Birk’s journey continued with stints at various 1- Michelin star establishments across the UK before assuming the role of head chef at a Michelin-starred kitchen Box tree restaurant in 2010.
For seven illustrious years, he led kitchens in London’s Michelin-starred restaurants for Jason Atherton before embarking on a transformative chapter as Jason Atherton’s Group Executive Chef. Overseeing his esteemed global portfolio, Daniel Birk spearheaded numerous openings and curated culinary experiences in iconic destinations such as Shanghai, Dubai, Qatar, St. Moritz, Austria, the Red Sea Project, and Sindalah Island.
Before his current role as Executive Chef at City Social House, where he oversees both City Social and Row on 45, he held the esteemed position of Executive Chef at the Michelin-starred City Social in London, while also spearheading restaurant openings in Saudi Arabia.

Row on 45 is under the direction of Executive Chef Daniel Birk.

Dan studied engineering for 3 years but his real passion was always in kitchen where he transformed raw ingredients into delectable food items. He brings over 20 years of culinary experience, 17 of those within Michelin-starred kitchens. Dan worked as Sous-chef for the likes of Germain Schwab at then two Michelin-starred Winteringham Fields, before taking on the role of Group Executive Chef at The Social Company in 2013, where he oversaw Jason Atherton’s new openings and prestigious events across the globe. Dan’s impeccable dishes highlight the best ingredients from around the world.




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