Dmitry Shurshakov : the ambassador of modern Russian cuisine


  • Modern chef based in Moscow
  • Opened more than 25 restaurants in Moscow
  • Twice of them in the 100  World Best Restaurants
  • Bocuse d’Or Russia judge

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Dmitry Shurshakov has worked in a number of famous Moscow establishments. He caused an uproar recently by naming a raw veal dish “tartare a la Stalin” and promptly had to claim to have the utmost respect for the old despot. Chef Shurshakov uses simple ingredients such as carrots, sprouts, cabbage and chicken and plays around with different cooking methods for them.

Ambassador of the modern Russian cuisine

Dmitry Shurshakov is the one of the official chefs of the state program of Rossotrudnichestvo (Federal Agency of the Ministry of foreign affairs of Russian Federation) promoting modern Russian cuisine: he run gala-dinners in 5* hotels and embassies in France, Serbia, Hungary, Germany, Finland, Israel, Greece, Spain, Maldives).

He was twice with his projects in the 100  World Best Restaurants and he is the Bocuse d’Or Russia judge approved by the Bocuse d’Or Committee (Lyon, France).

Moreover, he is one of the most popular chefs in Moscow, famous for his modern view on Russian cuisine, but who at the same time does not respect any experiments if they do not give real tasty dishes. At the same time, he does not insist on Russian menu only, moreover he is famous for his experience with pan-asian style and always adapt the menu to requirements and products available on-site. For example, in El Palace Barcelona (Spain) we had a task with “Russian Christmas menu”, but using local Spanish products and presentation in “royal bird” style (the logo of the hotel).

25 restaurants opened in Moscow in 30 years

For his career starting from 1998 he opened more than 25 restaurants. Among them: Chaika (ranked in World Best Restaurants), gastrobar «Nikuda ne Edem» (“We are not going anywhere” – the most awarded concept in Moscow in the year of its opening), Grand Cru (one of the most famous wine restaurants in Moscow), HongKong (one of the most popular places for people from Asia in Moscow), Seven (European and pan-Asian cuisine, intelligent presentation of the most beloved food bestsellers of Muscovites) and many others.



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