Star (chefs) Wars for the Eiffel Tower in Paris

After ten years, Chef Ducasse loses the concession of Eiffel Tower restaurants to Chefs Anton and Marx

The two great chefs won the concession for the restoration of the Iron Lady for 10 years from 2019. Frédéric Anton will take care of the Jules Verne.

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It was a tremendous Star Wars between, on the one hand, Alain Ducasse competing for Elior, and on the other Frédéric Anton-Thierry Marx representing Sodexo. A high-flying battle that began in November 2017 for the future management of public catering services at the Eiffel Tower. Challengers Frédéric Anton, 3-star chef of Pre Catelan in Paris, and Thierry Marx, 2-star chef of the Sur Mesure at the Mandarin Oriental in Paris, have dislodged from the Iron Lady the reigning champion Alain Ducasse which reigned here since 2008.

The call for tenders launched by the Paris City Hall and the SETE (Eiffel Tower operating company) concerned the concession for the next ten years of the Jules Verne

Currently 1-star restaurant located on the second floor, of the brewery the 58 Eiffel Tower on the first floor, various takeaway points and catering for receptions and other occasional events organized in the Gustave-Eiffel lounge. Not to mention the SETE corporate restaurant which has nearly 350 employees. A windfall whose turnover reached 39.9 million euros in 2016, according to the report of activities published by the SETE. Estimated net profit per year: 5 million euros. Vertiginous! Sodexo, who had bet on the duo Frederic Anton-Thierry Marx, has emerged victorious duel giant restaurant catering opponent Elior, who had bet on Alain Ducasse. A result that promises to shake the Culinary Landerneau this weekend.

Chefs Anton and Marx will land in 2019

For the distribution of roles, everything had already been tied before. Frédéric Anton will watch over the destinies of Jules Verne. Frédéric Anton, who chose to split at Jules Verne, will certainly be keen to shine this iconic jewel of France which welcomed 5 934 000 visitors in 2016. A decrease compared to 2014 when amounted to 7,089,236 visitors. Thierry Marx will be responsible for the rest of the dealership, including the 58 Tour Eiffel brewery and the various outlets. Gourmets will now have to wait at least until summer 2019 to finally discover the cuisine of Frédéric Anton and Thierry Marx at the Eiffel Tower!

Alain Ducasse does not admit defeat

Alain Ducasse decided to file an application with the administrative court. He points in this case to a conflict of interest in the award procedure.

The file is therefore in the hands of the Mayor of Paris who must make a decision before the end of the summer.

However this event will not prevent Alain Ducasse to inaugurate next September Ducasse-sur-Seine, a 100% electric boat that will offer gourmet cruises and will accommodate 200 passengers where all meals will be prepared on site.

The coming weeks will be busy for chef Alain Ducasse !


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