Ferdinando BERNARDI*

Chef Ferdinando Bernardi: Italian haute cuisine on Spanish soil



  • 1 Star chef at OROBIANCO restaurant
  • Only Italian Michelin-starred restaurant in Spain
  • Italian character dishes made with Spanish ingredients

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He was born in Rimini (Emilia-Romagna, Italy) and he grew up in the kitchen of his father’s restaurant, Tramontana. With only 13 years he was already responsible for the pizzeria. His professional career, beyond the family business, began in Rimini, at the Embassy restaurant, with Chefs Emanuele Barberini and Fabio Rossi, and later, at the Executive Hotel of Cesenatico. Later, he lived a year in Thailand, where he worked as a nutritional educator at the Lamsai Pathumthani School.

In his eagerness to discover new cultures, techniques and gastronomic aspects of the rest of the world, during these years, Bernardi has collaborated in international projects: in London, at Julie´s Restaurant; with the Napolitan Chef Agostino Esposito; in Lyon, with Chef Davy Tissot at the School of Management, Restoration and Culinary Art of the Paul Bocuse Institute; as a consultant for the Pane Caldo Restaurant in Chicago and Moonshadows (Malibu, L.A., California) and, recently, he has directed the opening of Oliver´s Osteria (Laguna Beach, California).

In 2015 he started his project in Spain as head chef: Orobianco, where he shows his idea of Italian haute cuisine on Spanish soil that, in November 2018, received his first Michelin star (2019) and this year he has renewed it by 2020, what turns Orobianco into the only Italian Michelin-starred restaurant in Spain.

Restaurant OROBIANCO

With privileged views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Peñon de Ifach, perched on a hill and high in the town of Calpe (Alicante), on the Costa Blanca, Orobianco bases its proposal on contemporary Italian haute cuisine, with several tasting menus that are changing each season, with Italian character dishes but also made with raw materials from the Valencian Community :). The Orobianco team, with Inna Skriabina as manager, is led by chef Ferdinando Bernardi, who has Niccoló Zorloni, Matías Farfán, Christopher de Ascensão, Bernat Álvarez, Michael Quaratino and Carlos Navarro in the kitchen. And in the dining room, by Heguer Castellanos, Maître and Sommelier, who leads a team with Carlos Cuenca, Omar Oviedo, Elena Sevri and Ayat Dusimbaev.



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