Frédéric SIMONIN *

Frederic Simonin : modern Parisian Chef

  • French 1 Star chef
  • Best French Craftmen 2019
  • Former executive chef of Robuchon
  • Modernity and style within the French classics

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First of all, Frederic Simonin started cooking at the age of 15 in Brittany. Indeed, his career began as commis chef at Ledoyen with Ghislaine Arabian. As a result, he worked in high-end restaurants such as Meurice, Taillevent and George V. Then he became Sous Chef in Ghislaine Arabian’s restaurant.

Yet, in 2002, when she left the restaurant, Frederic became the Chef and got his 1st Michelin star at the age of 27. Then, in 2004, Joël Robuchon asked him to be the Chef of his new restaurant in Paris, “La Table de Joël Robuchon “. Consequently, he got a 1st Michelin star followed by a 2nd one in 2006. Thus, in July 2006, he left Paris to London as Executive Chef, to make the opening of Joël Robuchon’s restaurants, where he also got two michelin stars.

Back to Paris, he opened his own restaurant in april 2010 for which he gets a 1 Michelin Star

Most of all, this chic restaurant with an updated Art Deco-inspired décor marks a new chapter for renowned chef Frederic Simonin. Hence, it seems a safe bet that his immense talent will draw in the Parisian clientele to his eponymous establishment in the 17th arrondissement. Moreover, Frederic Simonin prepares traditional and modern cuisine in high fashion. For example ecrevisses (crayfish) façon marinière au vin d’Arbois spiced up with cayenne pepper. Or crab in a tangy avocado jelly. Also sea bass with clam juice, black olive and fresh coriander.

Most noteworthy, the memorable Côte de veau de Corrèze (veal chop from the Corrèze region) is perfectly cooked with garlic, rosemary, sucrine lettuce and jus de macis, and served with green peas à la Française. As a conclusion, end with the yuzu soufflé with Okinawa sugar ice cream. To sum-up, everything is quite impressive, which is not surprising once one looks into the exemplary background of Frederic Simonin.

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