The full list of the best chef awards 2017 – Warsaw

The Best Chef Award is a young project which was born in 2016.

It has become a phenomenon on the Social Network.

Gaining second place in the world compared to its major international competitors .Obtaining a constant increase of numbers 4 times as big as any other.

​Today they can boast a homogenous global coverage of starting from a minium of 3 million up to 4 million people per week on our Social Network.

​Said numbers are to be read as being higher considering the fact they are in constant increase. The Best Chef has aimed at the ambitious objective of awarding prizes to the best chefs in the world of The worldwide Gourmet haute cuisine.

Here are the results of the 2017 edition:
1- The Best Chef 2017 : Joan Rocca
2- The Best Chef -Lady 2017- Chantal Darnall
3- The Best Chef -Pastry 2017- Roger van Damme
4- The Best Chef -FoodArt 2017- Atsushi Tanaka
5- The Best Chef -Rising Star 2017- Rafal Koziorzemski
6- The Best Chef -CityGourmet 2017- Atelier Amaro

Here is the list of the first 50 best chef awards 2017 :