Giancarlo PERBELLINI**

Giancarlo Perbellini : not just an Italian chef


  • Italian 2 Stars chef
  • The taste of tradition with innovation
  • President of Bocuse d’Or team Italy

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First of all, Giancarlo Perbellini loves to define himself as an “artisan cook”.

Indeed, born in 1964 in Bovolone, a quiet town located in the Verona valley. Consequently, his roots lie in the great Italian rural tradition, where the land and its produce are a fundamental resource. First, he grew up while cultivating a passion for pastry-making, kept alive by his family. Secondly for cuisine, to which he decided to dedicate his studies and career.

Most noteworthy, his first steps were taken at the restaurant “Marconi” and “12 Apostoli” in Verona. Then Giancarlo Perbellini took off at “San Domenico” in Imola. Initially, the elegant and refined atmosphere at Gianluigi Morini’s grande maison. Also French inspiration of Nino Bergese’s cuisine led him to important restaurants outside Italy, placing refinement alongside tradition. In addition, from Taillevent to Ambroisie, as well as Terrasse in Juan Les Pins and Chateau d’Esclimont.

Thanks to his experience at these temples of cuisine, Giancarlo Perbellini created a foundation within haute cuisine

Then, in 1989, he opened an eponymous restaurant in Isola Rizza, where he was able to temper the taste of tradition with innovation.

As a result, three years later, in 1992, his hard work produced its first results: he was awarded the “Chef Europeen du Poisson”. In 1996, Giancarlo Perbellini earned his first Michelin star and in 1998 he was named Emerging Chef by the Espresso guide. Moreover, his second star was awarded in 2002, to which were added three forks from the Gambero Rosso guide in 2005. Then, he has been President of the Italian Commission of the prestigious competition for chefs, the “Bocuse d’Or”, since 2010.

Furthermore, he disseminated his knowledge at 4 other restaurants. Indeed, along with other partners, he endorsed the opening of the gourmet pizzeria “Du de Cope”. Same with “Locanda Quattro Cuochi”, the restaurant “Al Capitan della Cittadella” and “Tapasotto”.
During the same years, he exported Italian culinary excellence abroad, curating the opening of the restaurant Rana in New York in November 2012.
To conclude, in March 2014, he endorsed “Locanda” for the Indian group Dining Concepts, which opened in Hong Kong in the centrally-located Ocean Center in Kowloon.



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