Guillaume GOUPIL*

Guillaume GOUPIL : light and modern dishes with a spin on tradition


  • 1 Star chef, restaurant Domaine de Fontenille
  • MOF 2022
  • Modernity and style within the French classics

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Having worked in the kitchens of Palaces and 5-star hotels such as the Michelin two-star Domaine des Hauts de Loire, the Faventia at the Four Seasons Terre Blanche and at the Michelin-starred restaurant La Scène in the prestigious Le Prince de Galles hotel; the talented young Chef Guillaume Goupil is now taking the lead at the Michelin starred restaurant Le Baudelaire.

He selects the finest seasonal produce and revisits them according to the latest trends. He adapts his cooking with precision and seduces the keenest palettes with the great classics from French cooking which can be found in every innovative dish created by Guillaume Goupil.

On carefully laid tables the charm is undeniable. Decorated in bright touches of colors by Interior Design Specialist and Architect Patrick Juliot, the Restaurant Le Baudelaire 1* welcomes Burgundy guests, as well as guests from all around the globe, for lunch and dinner.

Awarded since 2011 with one Star by the Michelin Guide, thanks to the work of the Executive Chef Guillaume Goupil and his teams, this typical Parisian table is one of the essential of contemporary French Gastronomy.

By choosing to respect the work of the land and the seasons, Chef Goupil offers a benevolent and demanding cuisine. Thus, one will always find à la carte some classics that made Guillaume Goupil famous, such as snails or delicious sweetbreads, but their preparation will evolve with the seasons, telling at each change of season a new history of flavors…

Diners will appreciate the classic subdued atmosphere of this restaurant. Chef Guillaume Goupil (who worked under Stéphanie Le Quellec at the Prince de Galles) puts together light and modern dishes, taking evident delight in putting a spin on tradition. “”Tea Time””, with its lovely home – made pastries, proves popular in the afternoon.

In 2022, Guillaume Goupil became a MOF and move to a new adventure at Le Domaine de Fontenille in the beautiful Provence, South of France.



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