Chef Hideaki Imahashi: resonance of Japanese and French cuisine

  • 1 Michelin Star chef since 2018
  • French cuisine in Tokyo
  • Duo with Pastry chef Shoko Hirase

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Michelin-starred duo of Chef Hideaki Imahashi and Patissier Shoko Hirase from L’aube Restaurant in Tokyo

After years of experience working at “Mutekiro” in Yokohama, Japan, and later in France, Chef Hideaki Imahashi moved back to Tokyo in 2008.  Pattissier Shoko Hirase also gained experience in France, by way of “Patisserie Pascal Pinaud”, “Restaurant Jules Verne” and “Restaurant TOYO” before returning to Japan in 2011.  In 2013, both Chefs were united in Tokyo at “Keisuke Matsushima”, before eventually joining forces in 2016 to open “Restaurant L’aube”, awarded one Michelin Star in 2018.

2000 “Mutekiro” Yokohama

2006 “Hostellerie du vieux moulin” Bourgogne,

    “KEISUKE MATSUSHIMA” Nice, “Chez l’ami jean” Paris

2008 “L’Alliance” Kagurazaka


It is beginning of a resonant story. ​

“L’aube” is a French word represents beginning, dawn and birth. Always wishing to provide exquisite harmony of beauty created by nature and human kind. Keep on building “Deliciousness which only exists at one moment”. From here our story begins. With this feeling in mind we named us “L’aube”. With commitment of material producers, their landscapes, difference of every seasons, resounds of Japanese and French cuisine. 

Watching the chef and pâtissier working in the open kitchen is like watching a stage play. The monthly menu includes numerous Japanese ingredients like duck from Kochi, beef from Miyazaki, and the Kamakura vegetables that the chef goes to get himself. He prepares dishes that highlight the flavours of the ingredients and does not put too much on a single plate. He also uses vinegar and spices skilfully to accentuate the tastes.



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