Hirohisa Hayashi *

Hirohisa Hayashi : NYC Soho’s New ‘Hiro’

  • Japanese 1 Michelin Star chef in NYC
  • kappo-style restaurant, full art of cooking techniques (boiling, braising, grilling, steaming, frying)
  • Certified Sake Sommelier

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Chef Hirohisa Hayashi Brings a Taste of Echizen to New York City with Hirohisa Restaurant

Hirohisa restaurant debuts in the heart of New York City’s bustling Soho neighborhood at 73 Thompson Street. The vision of Chef Hiro Hayashi, the restaurant unites the traditionalism and thoughtful ceremony of kappo style cuisine with Chef Hiro’s character and creativity.

“Hirohisa is a way for me to bring the special qualities and talents of my hometown, Echizen, Japan, to New York City. It comes from my heart,” explains Chef Hayashi. “And so, I am excited to share my cuisine with our guests – it’s a way to tell a story and to build new relationships.”

Hirohisa is a kappo-style restaurant, a showcase of fine cuisine and cooking techniques (boiling, braising, grilling, steaming, frying). It is a variation of kaiseki cuisine and philosophy: a seasonal, multi-course approach with the goal of bringing the guest a unique, intimate experience. The emphasis here is on ultimate freshness, a respect for the ingredients, and an ‘of the moment’ immediacy between the preparation and service of each dish. Highlights from the opening menu include a succulent the Day,’ an offering of 1-3 types of specially prepared seasonal fish. Guests can also take full advantage of Chef Hayashi’s talent with 7 or 9 course omakase.

As a Certified Sake Sommelier, Chef Hayashi offers a precise and artfully selected list of champagne, wine, Japanese beer, and Echizen-brewed sakes served by the glass, carafe or bottle. The Plum Sake, developed by Chef Hayashi exclusively for Hirohisa, was aged for 3 years. It is later infused with mint, shiso or kokuto (brown sugar) and served straight, on the rocks or with soda. Designed by Super Paprika, the award-winning New York based interior design office of Hiromi Tsuruta, Hirohisa incorporates the simplicity and elegance of Japanese culture with Soho’s style and architectural edge. With just 19 seats, the space encourages guests to engage with their chefs and the culinary process – a key element of kappo-style dining. In this way too, the open kitchen is truly the heart of the space. Other features include sleek White Ash countertops, clean white tiles, exposed brick and geometric elements.

“From our rice, to the washi paper, knives, lacquerware and ceramics, most everything comes from Echizen,” says Chef Hayashi. The plateware, custom-made by Toyokazu Yoshida, is an incredible sample of the ceramics of Echizen, a famous kiln site of Japan. So too, the handmade washi paper, used for the restaurant’s menus, business cards and trays, is a precious craft of Hiro’s hometown.


Hirohisa unites the thoughtful ceremony and seasonality of kappo, kaiseki cuisine with the individual character and creativity of Chef/Owner Hirohisa Hayashi. From Chef Hayashi’s culinary technique and carefully curated beverage menu, to the restaurant’s handmade washi paper and custom ceramics, Hirohisa brings specialties of Echizen, Japan to the heart of NYC’s bustling Soho neighborhood in an intimate and elegant, open kitchen space.

With family roots in the restaurant industry going back over 100 years and beginning with his great, great grandfather in Echizen, Japan, Chef Hirohisa Hayashi was born into a culinary world. He honed his craft through years of practice, including experience at the Kyoto’s renowned, 2 star Michelin, Tankuma – the original restaurant of Chef Kumasaburo Kyrisu. In 2010 he partnered to open Hirohisa, opened in August 2013 as his first solo project, is the realization of his culinary passion and pride of his hometown, Echizen, Japan.


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