Hisao UEDA

Chef Hisao Ueda : a profound passion for Wagyu brought to Dubai



  • In the Michelin Guide Dubai since 2023
  • Co-Head Chef of TakaHisa Dubai
  • Wagyu Master

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Chef Hisao Ueda’s gastronomic journey began amidst the rich culinary tapestry of Hokkaido, Japan. Inspired by his upbringing in a city steeped in history, he was driven to pursue a professional culinary career. His story began at a culinary school in Sapporo, where his palate encountered the exquisite richness of Wagyu beef, a moment that sparked a profound fascination with premium ingredients and fine dining experiences

Venturing into the realm of French cuisine, Chef Hisa found his path redirected by his love for high-quality ingredients. It was his tenure at Boubaitei, an esteemed establishment in his hometown, that became his sanctuary for nearly seven years. Here, amidst the quiet mastery of local culinary legends, he meticulously honed his skills in crafting Japanese dishes that told stories of tradition and innovation.

Dubai beckoned in 2011, marking a turning point in his career where as a Head Chef he left an indelible mark on the city’s culinary landscape. He opened Dubai’s first meat restaurant specializing in Wagyu beef at Dubai Opera. In 2022, he became the first and only Japanese Chef to receive the prestigious Golden Visa in the UAE.

Together with Sushi Master Chef Takashi Namekata and entrepreneur Aimi Shibuya, Chef Hisa brought TakaHisa to life in 2021 on Bluewaters Island. Their collective vision transformed into an opulent haven dedicated to authentic Japanese dining. The luxurious space epitomizes their vision to deliver top-quality Japanese cuisine, featuring A5 Wagyu beef, premium seafood, and fresh produce shipped directly from Japan thrice weekly.

Driven by a dedication to precision, Chef Hisa prides himself on only serving dishes of unrivaled quality and authentic flavor. Chef Hisa’s culinary ethos emphasizes using the finest ingredients and strives to bring out the best in each dish he serves. With a profound passion for Wagyu, he has devoted two decades to its mastery. His hands-on approach includes personally selecting A5 Wagyu from Japan’s finest producers, ensuring each cut reflects heritage and home.

In an industry often enamored by fusion cuisine, Chef Hisa envisions TakaHisa as an authentic Japanese sanctuary, a testament to crafting premium ingredients with unparalleled culinary finesse. His transformative move to Dubai propelled him to redefine Japanese dining experiences, consistently pushing boundaries and setting new standards in the city’s F&B industry. Looking ahead, Chef Hisa envisions TakaHisa making a lasting impact on the global food stage by transcending boundaries and shining as a beacon of exceptional fine dining.



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