After four years of renovation, Hotel Lutetia officially opens its doors

Last night was held in Paris the first big event of the many events that will take place in the coming weeks for the opening of the new hotel (not yet Palace) LE LUTETIA in Paris after many years of renovation. All Parisians know the rounded silhouette of Hotel Lutetia, located at the corner of Rue de Sevres and Boulevard Raspail. On the facade, the sculptures of Leon Binet and Paul Belmondo are now visible again. The new hotel is a successful mix of the past, present and future.

After four years of renovation, Hotel Lutetia officially opens its doors. Indeed, this large and emblematic 184-room hotel is located in the heart of St. Germain. Surely, it represents a part of the history of France. The Israeli group ALROV, founder of Set Hotels, owns the Lutetia Hotel.

The complete interior makeover was created by the French architect and designer Jean-Michel Wilmotte

It is mixing a subtle blend of historical and modern winks. It is a small jewel with a lot of character that has been presented to the public. Indeed, 200 million euros have been invested to renovate this iconic hotel created in 1910.

The new facilities include a huge spa (Akasha 700 M2) and an indoor pool with 17m long outdoor light. Moreover, it offers several restaurants (including 1 led by the three-Michelin-starred chef Gerald Passedat), several bars and a beautiful interior courtyard outside. The hotel closed 4 years ago with 4 stars. Now, It opens this summer with the 5 star criteria that is expected before positioning itself to obtain the classification of Palace…

Bringing in the light has been the hallmark of renovation.

The creation of a patio, the lighting of the historic glass window of the Saint Germain and the revelation of the breathtaking bar Joséphine is just an entry into the matter.

As for gastronomy, Executive Chef Benjamin Brial will offer in this range of places, contemporary cuisine inspired by France but evoking travel. It will nevertheless be necessary to wait until September to discover the famous Brasserie Lutetia with Michelin-starred chef Gérald Passedat.

On the pastry side, the World Champion Gaetan Fiard will have ‘carte blanche’. He comes straight from the Grand Hôtel du Cap Ferrat.

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