Howard KO – CE LA VI Dubai

Chef Howard Ko : contemporary Asian but taking a European and American approach

  • Executive chef at Cé La Vi Dubai
  • Worked at Daniel and The French Laundry in the US
  • 11 years of Michelin star culinary experience

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Howard Ko brings over 11 years of Michelin star culinary experience, extraordinary talent and a fresh new perspective to CÉ LA VI Dubai.

Raised in Los Angeles, CA, he recognised a deep-rooted love for food and found himself exploring his curiosity in the kitchen. To pursue his dream of becoming a chef, he moved to New York to train at The Culinary Institute of America, which focuses on culinary, baking, and pastry arts education with renowned alumni including Anthony Bourdain and Grant Achatz. He began his culinary journey in 2006 at DANIEL, a Michelin-starred restaurant in New York. He has worked with several Michelin-starred venues including Picholine, Restaurant Mélisse, The Restaurant at Meadowood and The French Laundry,

Raised in Los Angeles, chef Howard Ko discovered a passion for cooking at an early age and spend most of his childhood in the kitchen of his family home. He moved to New York to pursue his dreams, landing a job at the Michelin-starred DANIEL in 2006. Stints at Picholine, Restaurant Mélisse and The French Laundry followed.

Chef Ko’s focus is reinventing the classics; finding that perfect balance between tradition and modernity. This is perhaps why he describes the menu at CÉ LA VI as “the best of how other cultures eat and introducing that into Asian flavours.”

“I would say the menu is contemporary Asian but taking a European and American approach” explains chef Ko. Pairing this with his own culinary style, which he describes as “approachable, rustic and a focus on attention to detail”, it looks like CÉ LA VI has a solid recipe for success. “Our main goal is not to just feed people but to create memories. People come for an experience and we want to deliver that at the highest level”.

CÉ LA VI is famed for bringing contemporary Asian cuisine to breathtaking locations around the world. For its Dubai debut, it comes complete with an infinity pool, sky bar, club lounge and restaurant, and occupies the 54th floor of the Address Sky Sky View hotel.



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