Joanna Artieda

Chef Joanna Artieda : pastry without limits!



  • International Top Pastry Cheffe
  • Best Spanish Chef 2016 and Madrid Fusión 2016
  • Chef for Ferrán & Albert Adrià as well as Gaggan

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Born in Pamplona (Spain) in 1989, and from her first years of school, she was interested in the world of creation, the arts and gastronomy.

As a result of this interest, she started painting and drawing from a very young age in different studios in Pamplona. She grows up in a family bakery, and it is where she has her first contact with the sweet world and possibly she discovers her talent.

Moved by the attraction of the arts, she began her studies in Fine Arts, although later she specialized in the field of gastronomy. She is studying gastronomic restoration, specializing in two disciplines: cooking and pastry. She finished her studies with honors and in 2005, as a student, she received the award for the best national pastry work in Spain.

At the end of her studies her ideas were very clear, she wanted to be a complete professional and be able to enjoy life with her two great passions: art and gastronomy.

She begins working in the most recognized restaurants in her city, traditional and emblematic restaurants where she deals with seasonal products of the highest quality.

Her restlessness makes him fly out of her city very soon to continue progressing. Therefore, she lands in the French Pyrenees where she works for three winters.

At the beginning of 2016, she received her consecration, proclaiming herself the Best Spanish Chef (the first woman to achieve that distinction). At the end of that same year, she won first prize at the Madrid Fusión gastronomy congress.

Joanna takes a new course: Ibiza, another important enclave in her professional career. On the island, she internalizes values about nutrition, ecology and the energy of food. At the end of 2017 she triumphs again at Madrid Fusión with a new award.

In 2018, she began working with the creative group of the Ferrán and Albert Adrià brothers and together with the artistic company ‘Cirque du Soleil’.

She settles in Barcelona (2019) to join the teaching team of the Hofmann pastry school (one Michelin star). That same year she was named 1 of the 10 desserts that set trends in the world (Pastry Revolution magazine).

At the end of 2019, he is determined to embark on his solo journey and combine the two disciplines from which he has learned so much (cooking and pastry) to dedicate himself and focus completely on his great passion: R & D of sweet cuisine. This is how she also becomes a self-taught professional.

This year she created her own company, giving international master classes with her personal creative method. She also publishes her first book: Sweet 12 (the world’s first digital book dedicated to seasonal produce in the sweet world, with a foreword by chef Jordi Roca).

Little by little she decides to continue developing her company with a totally exclusive and personalized consultancy and training area for gastronomy companies, advising large companies in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Mexico, Turkey, Spain, Morocco, Romania, Italy…

In this year 2019 it begins to participate in exclusive pop ups. Some of the pop ups in which she has collaborated are: Orfali Bros in UAE (Dubai), Paloma Finesse in Antalya (Turkey)…

In 2020, she developed a new line of creative ‘signature confectionery’ that had not been worked on until then. Small sweets, inspired by the industrial ones, but conceptualized with new textures, flavors, techniques, presentations and healthier than the existing ones.

In 2022 he received his last two awards, the 2022 Navarra Award for Gastronomy and the 2022 Best Pastry Chef Award.

He collaborates continuously with two large gastronomic training platforms such as Scoolinay and Gronda; In addition to cooperating with large companies such as Air Europa, offering videos ‘on board’ and signing his desserts on 18 business flights together with chef Martin Berasategui.

In 2023 he brings out his second book: The Four Seasons, a book of 40 desserts creations inspired by seasonal products and the gastronomic culture of his land.

In JoannArtieda’s style and pastry you can clearly appreciate his character and interdisciplinary training.

It could be said that she is a dessert cook with the soul of an artist who seeks to achieve uniqueness and quality in her creations through the product, harmony, beauty and flavor.



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