Jord ALTHUIZEN – World Champion BBQ

Chef Jord Althuizen: Award Winning entrepreneur and Bestselling Author



  • World Champion Whole Hog BBQ’er in 2014
  • Casual chef all about FIRE
  • Cookbook of The Year Award 2016 and 2017

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Pay more attention to the origin of our food, its authentic preparation and the pure enjoyment of sharing memorable moments filled with good food. That’s what Althuizen, a carnivorous adventurer from The Netherlands, swears by in his daily life. Althuizen shares fire inspired experiences with his team and he knows just how to captivate and reach his audience through the use of his books, media appearances, events and special activities. His goal is to ignite enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and appreciation of authentic methods of preparing food with quality tools amongst others.

After graduating from The Hotelschool The Hague, a Top 5 amongst Hospitality Management Schools worldwide, Althuizen held diverse roles in the international hospitality industry. From sous-chef in American luxury resorts, including The Breakers Palm Beach, to editor in chief at Shoot My Food – Food Inspiration for Benelux. In 2010, his entrepreneurship could no longer be contained and he started a new chapter in his life with the now infamous BBQ catering company, Smokey Goodness. Since then, he has founded a number of businesses as well as increased the number of activities included in his entrepreneurial portfolio. The linking pin between his business activities? FIRE! This, combined with his iron-clad focus, has ensured an already vast international fan base that is still growing. Since his start in 2010, Althuizen has won a number of awards for his entrepreneurial and pitmastering skills as well as for authoring four bestselling BBQ cookbooks.

• 2013 Dupont Dare Award
• 2013 Best Beef Brisket – Tony Stone Low and Slow BBQ Competition
• 2014 World Champion Whole Hog BBQ’er
• 2014 Hotello of The Year Award
• 2014 Columbus Trophy Award for Start-Ups in Hospitality
• 2016 Cookbook of The Year Award (Jury Favorite)
• 2017 Cookbook of The Year Award (Fan Favorite)


Photo credit : ©Remko Kraaijeveld

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