Julien Montbabut: aesthetic French chef in Portugal

  • 1 * at Monumental Porto
  • Used to have 1* in France
  • French and Italian influences

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About Le Restaurant

First of all, intimate and inviting, Le Restaurant is one of the most romantic and seductive restaurants in Paris. Indeed, decorated with plush upholstered seating, green marblesque pillars and silk fabric draping the walls. The interiors are as captivating as the outdoors – a small cobbled terrace with a beautiful fountain and verdant living wall. Therefore, Head Chef Julien Montbabut’s menus are equally as distinctive, deploying classic techniques to create food that is progressively modern, light and fresh.

About Julien Montbabut

First, Head Chef Julien Montbabut, returned to the kitchen of Le Restaurant in April 2011. Indeed, Julien was sous-chef in 2008 when Le Restaurant was awarded a Michelin star in recognition of its outstanding cuisine, quality and service. Then, after two and a half years at the one Michelin star Pavillon de la Grande Cascade as Executive Sous-Chef, Julien returned to Le Restaurant.

Thanks to his training in one of the most prestigious cooking schools (Ferrandi in Paris), Julien Montbabut learn the basics of the craft alongside the biggest. For example, Gilbert Isaac at the Homestead Marboeuf, Christian Le Squer in the Pavillon Ledoyen, Benoit Guichard at Jamin the company. Since his childhood, being determined, he drew his fate .

“The kitchen at home, it’s a family story. I am the elder of a tribe of 5 children. Very early I put hand to the dough to help my mother who had much to do with everyone. What was a chore at the start became a real pleasure. I discovered the beauty of products, flavours, emotions that could be in the kitchen. “

In 2005, Julien Montbabut joined the Hotel Restaurant.

I stayed two and a half years alongside Philippe Bélissent, within a small brigade. I felt good but to complete my course, missed me the experience of managing a large kitchen as the Deputy Chief: manager of staff, manage goods, that I acquired in the Pavilion of the Grand Cascade.”

Hence, go to return, this is certainly the adage that characterizes better Julien Montbabut.

I came to the Restaurant of the Hotel in May 2011, this time as head of the kitchens. When the Hotel Manager called me to offer me the job, I did not hesitate a second. I felt ready to take the plunge and take the controls of a star hotel. “

And this Michelin star, since the return of Julien, it continued to shine. Through elegant and refined cuisine, Julien Montbabut revisits the french classics with a modern twist and a touch of lightness. His favorite product? The Sweetbreads that it sublime with a ” soft crousti ” cooking with him alone in the secret. The menu, tempting proposals come and go, honoring of quality products: thighs golden frogs, fregola sarda cooked green, line bar braised, fennel and pourtargue or still the farmer pigeon roasted in a pan, cabbage of Pontoise riddled.

If the food is worth the detour, the beauty of the place is not outdone. Nestled under a canopy, the room looks like a private room, with its chairs in Velvet, his lampshades in accordion, its mirrors, and its Empire style columns. The atmosphere is intimate, cozy and romantic.


Since 2019, chef Monbabut is managing the Monumental restraurant in Porto, Portugal and received a star in 2022.



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