Jun LEE **

Chef Jun Lee : Contemporary Cuisine of Seoul



  • Born in Korea, studied in the US
  • 2 Michelin star chef in Seoul
  • Melting French, Italian, and American technique and flavour into the structure of Korean cuisine

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Chef Jun Lee graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 2010. He was the first Korean chef to operate solely pop-up restaurants, and during these projects developed his culinary philosophy: the most important part in cuisine and dining is communicating and understanding. Chef Lee opened Soigné in 2015, which was awarded one Michelin star in 2016 and 2017, before getting his second star in 2022.

Jun started to take cookery seriously from middle school. After graduating Kyunghee University majoring in Culinary Arts, Jun stages at ‘MADELINES’ headed by chef Susur Lee, learns the basic principles and virtues that a chef should always bear in mind and heads to CIA, New York to further his culinary studies.

During CIA, Jun stages at Thomas Keller’s ‘Per Se’ (Michelin 3 star) and learnt wholeheartedly the philosophy of cuisine art. Jun then follows Per Se’s head chef Jonathan Benno, and becomes an opening member of ‘LINCOLN’ a Michelin 1 star, Italian restaurant.

After returning to Seoul, Jun has showed a series of dining parties and pop up restaurants, starting from [JUN the PARTY] to [JUN the PASTA] se1, se2, [JUST DESSERT], [MILKSHAKE & POTATO CHIPS]. During these projects, Jun becomes more certain on his own culinary philosophy that the most important part in cuisine and dining in general is communicating and understanding. With this philosophy Jun has opened the enjoyable SOIGNÉ.

Restaurant SOIGNÉ

SOIGNÉ restaurant is the first restaurant of chef Jun Lee after several successful pop-up restaurant in Seoul. SOIGNÉ is named after the french word ‘soigné’ meaning of ‘dressed very elegantly; well groomed.’ as well as Chef Jun Lee’s nickname during his education in Culinary Institute of America, soigné Lee. SOIGNÉ started its first service since christmas eve 2013.

Cuisine of SOIGNÉ represents the unique city, Seoul, where both heritage of Korea and diversity of international culture are mingling together by melting French, Italian, and American technique and flavour into the structure of Korean cuisine and offering constantly changing menu with lively and energetic service.

Seasonal menus

‘Episode menu’ is the most interesting feature of Soigné, and what separate this place from other ordinary restaurants. Episode menu is the multi course menu based on interesting subject that changes every 3 months.
With this episode menu, you can not only experience fine dining but also be a part of the story beyond foods.



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