LIVE Team Building

Experience Interactive Cooking Classes from Chefs around the Globe for your next team building event

Live & Virtual Culinary Team Building

The coronavirus may stop us from working with our colleagues, being physically with our team (temporarily), but it can’t stop us from continuing to build a team spirit, enjoying working as a team by doing activities such as cooking together in the comfort of our home.

If you can’t do any team building right now, we’ll bring the virtual culinary option to you through LIVE interactive cooking classes with our favorite International famous chefs. From different part of the world, they speak English and can help your team to achieve something together while being distant.

Contact us now to design your tailor made interactive and remote team building.

Two ways to create your unique virtual team building with Chefs :

1/ Team building with a chef for smaller groups : cooking class where everybody is cooking
You receive a market list for all ingredients in advance and the necessary equipment to be ready. When the live is starting the chef is helping everyone, step by step, to create his dish, sharing tips, joking on little mistakes and cheering up good progress. It creates good and common memories to the team and gives a unique opportunity to cook with a famous chef.

2/Culinary team building for larger groups : Interactive cooking demo
As cooking with a very large number of people in the same time, from distance can be a challenge, we advise to let the chef cook for everyone, teaching one signature recipe while everybody can react and ask questions. As a gift, people can receive the video of the training (why not with your branding or message) to do it again later.

Contact us now to design your tailor made interactive and remote team building.