What are the ideas we can share to survive the crisis?


Chef Charles Thuillant* from l’essentiel, Normandy, France LIVE

As many chefs are wondering during COVID 19 if they should start take away, chef Charles started overnight after the shut down and he can see the number of orders grorwing every week that he is even thinking keep delivering after the reopening.

Here is the sum-up in French with ENG subtitles :



Chef Sebastian La Rocca from Costa Rica LIVE

While many chefs during COVID 19 moved to offer to go options, delivery is a challenge to maintain the quality of service. Chef Sebastian La Rocca has found his own way to deliver while keeping the same experience as coming to his restaurant.

Chef Rafa e Costa*, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Live

During COVID 19, many chefs are facing difficulties but chef Rafa did find a smart way to secure 2 months salary of his team that cannot work, a crownfuding with experiences as counterparts.