Lorenzo ROSSO

Chef Lorenzo Rosso: Italian vibes in Thailand


  • Experienced Italian chef
  • Based in Thailand since 20 years
  • Concept Al Dente Venetian Osteria

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Chef Lorenzo Rosso

A native of Piove di Sacco, a small town in the outskirt of Padova. Found his passion for cooking at the age of 14, his main inspiration was his maternal grandfather, a well kmown restaurateur in Venice, who was running multiple F&B outlets and a small hotel in his heydays. Lorenzo graduated from Istituto Professionale Alberghiero Pietro D’Abano, in Abano Terme and started his apprenticeship first: at the Colunbia Hotel and then at the Due Torri Morosini Hotel, both located in Abano.

He then joined forces with Executive Chef Fabio Dal Santo in few different seasonal locations such as: Cortina D’Ampezzo, Asiago, Jesolo, Trento & Venice. During this period he as well attended various cooking workshops both in Italy and Europe, where he learned different styles and cooking tecniques.

Subsequently moving to Bangkok Thailand, where he opened his first restaurant ‘La Locanda’. A venture that he would run until 1996 and that gave him the opportunity to meet many personalities and hoteliers. He was enticed to join his first big chain hotel with an Executive Chef position at the Sofitel Raja Orchid Khon Kaen, to be followed by another offer at Hilton Hua Hin and a pre-opening and opening opportunity at Millennium Hilton Bangkok, all in all a career that spanned 20 years.

In 2018, Lorenzo, decided it was time to get back to his professional roots & opened Al Dente
a Venetian Osteria focused on the artisanal side of the trade, producing mainly but not only freshly made pasta & Venetian gourmandise.

Al Dente Venetian Osteria

The genesis of the concept revolves around neo classic Venetian / Italian cuisine following a “mari e monti” philosophy offering: appetizers with the lagoon best produces, homemade pastas with original & creative recipes, flavorful main courses & desserts, with minimal cream, butter or processed foods, crafted in “a kitchen in a Venetian osteria” (a simple diner) that makes the entire prep process Iron-chef transparent. Though Lorenzo adheres to the essential centricity of Italian cuisine, each dish is a virtuoso composition bearing his unmistakable signature Lorenzo has his own take on his profession.

“It’s not a style, it’s a philosophy, fresh, high quality seasonal ingredients, simple techniques, natural combinations and a bit of originality. I try to apply a kind of free thinking in what I do, after all cooking is freedom!”


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