Louisa LIM – Asia’s Best Pastry Chef 2023

Chef Louisa Lim : French DNA with Asian sensibility



  • Asia’s Best Pastry Chef 2023
  • Pastry Chef of Odette*** Singapore
  • ‘Hot kitchen’ techniques in pastry

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Since graduating from Le Cordon Bleu Paris, Pastry Chef, Louisa Lim has honed her craft at several Michelin-starred establishments in France and at home in Singapore. While living in France, she was motivated by the passion the French had for their professions and was inspired to follow her dreams of becoming a pastry chef. Within a year and a half, she worked her way from intern to Pastry Commis at Hexagon and Histoires in Paris, France. She then moved on to reopen restaurant Apicius under the guidance of Pastry Chef Marc Lecomte and Jérôme Chaucesse, Meilleur Ouvrier de France – Pâtissier-Confiseur 2015.

Bringing with her a keen eye for detail, Louisa joined Odette in 2019 where she works closely with Chef Julien Royer to imagine desserts to satiate both the Eastern and Western palate. She is constantly pushing the boundaries, challenging herself and leading her team to incorporate ‘hot kitchen’ techniques in pastry, meld contrasting flavours together in harmony and create desserts that balance the menu while drawing the Odette experience to a delightful and delicate close. In 2023, she was named Asia’s Best Pastry Chef.

Barely seven years ago, Louisa Lim set off for France from her home city of Singapore with no idea how to bake a simple cake, let alone create award-winning desserts. Fast forward to 2023 and not only is she a senior member of the culinary team at globally acclaimed restaurant Odette, but she also revels in the title of Asia’s Best Pastry Chef 2023. Her rapid ascent is a lesson in trusting your instincts, as she now sees the pastry kitchen as her natural home.



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