Massimiliano MASCIA **

Massimiliano Mascia: the new generation of Italian top chefs

  • Italian 2 Stars chef
  • Renewal of Italian cuisine traditions
  • The new generation

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First of all, Massimiliano Mascia began his career at just 14 years old.
Most of all, during 5 years, until obtaining his alberghiero (hotel services-related) diploma.
Then he alternated kitchen work with studies and, on finishing school.
At that time he began a series of travels.
Probably the best way to extend and refine his understanding of raw ingredients, technique and flavour.

Indeed, his experience constitutes a particularly impressive curriculum.

First, in Italy at Ristorante Vissani and Ristorante Romano di Viareggio.
Secondly, in the USA at the Osteria Fiamma of New York.
Same, in France, first at the Bastide Saint Antoine and then in Paris at the multi-starred Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenée

Most of all, renewal while retaining the solid roots of Italian gastronomic tradition

As a result, now 33 years old, Massimiliano Mascia works alongside Valentino Marcattilii in organising and managing the kitchen. Yet he is part of a new generation at the San Domenico of Imola (2 Michelin stars), he also represents a continuity of innovation.

In the United States I learnt to work at an ever-faster pace and grasped the importance of well-organised work. In France I expanded my knowledge of technique and saw the enormous value that lies in gastronomic culture and history. In Italy I sharpened my focus on the raw ingredients, ingredients unequalled anywhere else in the world for sheer quality.” explained chef Massimiliano MASCIA

Next to this, at the Ristorante San Domenico of Imola, the kitchen has close ties to the land. As a result, there, they seek out the best ingredients, grown under the best conditions. In addition, they always go for constant evolution, where new techniques are at the service of tradition.

“As a conclusion, respect for ingredients and their seasonal freshness is essential as it lays the foundations for further research and innovation of preparation techniques“, shared chef Massimiliano MASCIA



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