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Matteo Metullio: Harry’s… a story of excellence



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Matteo Metullio was born in Trieste on March 3rd, 1989. Then, at the age of only 12 he already knew what his way would be and he signed in the Hospitality Training School in Falcade. During the school years, in the summer time, he made his first experiences in various hotels and restaurants in Italy.

When he finished his studies Matteao Metullio made his decisive work experience at the restaurant “Alle Codole” in Canale d’Agordo. Indeed, he met Oscar Tibolla overthere, a man of great personality as well as a great Chef. “He taught me the respect for raw materials, never giving up if I really believe in my aim”.

Hereafter Matteo Metullio received an unexpected call from Chef Norbert Niederkofler. In summer he started at the St. Hubertus, Hotel Rosa Alpina, owned by Pizzinini Family. He worked there for four years, apart from a small six-month experience in the Sirmione restaurant “La Speranzina”.

In spring 2013 he was offered to guide the Michelin starred kitchen

Then, in the winter season 2012/2013 Matteo Metullio started as Sous Chef at restaurant La Siriola (1 Michelin star). Hence, this Hotel Ciasa Salares was owned by Wieser family. Indeed, Mrs. Wilma Wieser and her husband Stefan put great trust in this big guy. Matteo Metullio accepted with great honour this challenge, supported by his family and his girlfriend.

Since, Matteo Metullio became an important point of reference for the Hotel Ciasa Salares. Morever he also started to be a precious collaborator in the organization of the winter Chef’s Cup, right from the start.

However, the first fundamental result came with the confirmation of the Michelin star 2013/2014, awarding Matteo Metullio also as the youngest Michelin starred Chef in Italy and Italian Chef next Generation spokesperson in Berlin 2013.
Since then, he is a rising star for the Italian Cuisine and gain his second Michelin Star in the Michelin Guide Italy 2018!

Harry’s Piccolo. From the palate to the heart

The quality-mile : the limitless territory of research. Among the cornerstones of Harry’s philosophy, there is one that is particularly important to the chef. Matteo Metullio calls it : QUALITY-MILE. His eno-gastronomic journey blends local elements and far away ingredients, land and sea; constantly looking for the quality without territorial limits, as a ship ready to sail towards new worlds. Harry’s Piccolo reached 2* in the 2021 Michelin Guide.


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