May Chow – Asia’s Best Female Chef 2017

Chef May Chow : Chinese heritage, American upbringing

  • Female chef in Hong Kong
  • Asia’s Best Female Chef 2017
  • Guest judge for MasterChef Asia,
  • Chinese bao burger invention

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Little Bao sensation in 2013

First of all, Asia’s Best Female Chef 2017, May Chow, became an overnight sensation when she opened her restaurant Little Bao back in 2013. From the iconic baby head neon signage, indie music selection to her Chinese bao burger invention, Chow demonstrated her creativity drawing influences from her Chinese heritage and American upbringing. Indeed, Little Bao’s success is attributed not only to the culinary delights on offer, but the seemingly effortless style, cultures and philosophies with which May runs the business.

Little Bao serves her take on traditional Chinese bao

This tiny restaurant serves her take on traditional Chinese bao – which means delicious pork belly, vegetarian “Sloppy Chan” and fish tempura versions – alongside sharing plates (the mac ‘n’ cheese is out of this world!), truffle fries, and the most delicious deep fried green tea ice bao for dessert. No wonder they are making devoted followers out of Hong Kong food fanatics!

A new modern Chinese restaurant : Happy Paradise

In March 2017, the award-winning chef kicks off the year with a new modern Chinese restaurant which she says will be one of her best projects to date – Happy Paradise. Furthermore, May Chow creates a place where folks from all walks of life can come and own who you are. It is a place that much more daring, bold, adventurous and a much more indepth exploration into the unique Chinese heritage. That’s what May Chow thrives on, and that’s how she welcomes everyone. On top, by taking pride in creative Chinese cocktails, technique-driven modern Chinese food, convivial service to make merry seriously.

Moreover, her personality and approachability has seen her enterprises grow exponentially. Chow was selected as a guest judge for MasterChef Asia, a presenter at Melbourne Food and Wine festival, Paris’ Omnivore food festival as well as Bordeaux wine festival. Thanks to a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from Boston University, May Chow pairs her culinary expertise and eye for design with a comprehensive and attuned understanding of service style. Most of all,  her business acumen, creativity and deep consumer understanding continue to motivate her not to stop studying on neo- Chinese food and beverages.



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