Mickael VILJANEN**

Chef Mickael Viljanen from one of the best restaurants in Dublin



  • 2 Stars chef at the Greenhouse Dublin
  • Chef of the Year Ireland
  • 50 Best Discovery

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Mickael Viljanen is the head chef of The Greenhouse restaurant in Dublin, Ireland, and is the current holder of two Michelin stars.

Alongside this, Mickael has also built an impressive portfolio of awards and accolades in the food industry – with multiple “Chef of the Year” and “Restaurant of the Year” titles.


Mickael Viljanen was born in Stockholm Sweden but grew up in Finland. After sometime spent in UK he moved to Ireland in 2000, and has worked with Paul Flynn at the Tannery and spent 5 years in Gregans Castle where he won Chef of the Year and Restaurant of the year from Food & Wine Magazine, and also won RAI Chef of the year.

From There he moved on to open the Greenhouse in Dublin 2012 where has gone on to win Food & Wine Magazine Chef of The Year twice, most recently in 2019, Also Winning Restaurant of the year in Georgina Cambell guide in 2012 and Georgina Cambell guide Chef of the year in 2019.

September 16th in 2015 saw Mickael entering the Michelin guide with 1* and october 7th in 2019 the restaurant got promoted to 2* under his leadership, making it one of only 2 Restaurants in Dublin with this accolade and a First one since 2000 Opinionated about dining top 100 (OAD top 100) Placed Mickael and the restaurant team on 26th place in europe for classical dining. Mickael has travelled intensively over the years and work has seen him travel to Asia, USA, Scandinavia, UK and beyond. He has also appeared in Masterchef Ireland as a guest judge in 2012 and judged San Pellegrino World young chef final in London, 2018.

The chic, intimate Greenhouse sits discreetly on smart, centrally located Dawson Street. It’s a modern yet elegant place, with closely set linen-laid tables, smoked mirrors and a refreshingly relaxed atmosphere, and while the trams may rumble past outside, no-one seems to notice, as the focus here is the food on the plate.

You’ll be greeted at the door by one of the friendly, personable team – and may even get a nod from the chefs on the way to your table. Service is highly attentive and you’ll find that your every wish is swiftly met throughout your meal.



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