Noboru ARAI**

Noboru Arai : the forefront of Fusion French cuisine in Japan

  • 2 Michelin Star chef
  • Japanese chef based in Tokyo
  • Fusion cuisine : French & Japanese

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Owner and chef, Noboru Arai – 荒井 昇

First of all, Noboru Arai was born in Asakusa, Tokyo, in 1974. Then, after graduating from junior high school, he went to a cooking school and had training at restaurants in Tokyo. Later, after training in Tokyo restaurants, he decided to move to France at the age of 24 to study the philosophy of French cuisine. For example, he worked in numerous restaurants like Le Clos des Cimes (Two Michelin stars) or Auberge La Feniere (One Michelin star). Finally, when coming back to Japan, he worked at Tsukiji Fish Market for 1 year to save money. As a result, he finally opened [HOMMAGE] in 2000 at the age of only 26. He is currently offering original French dishes that can be created only in Tokyo, in his hometown Asakusa.

Noboru Arai says about it : “I was born and bred in Asakusa, a traditional area of Tokyo which has been its center and source of culture for ages, since around the 17th century when Tokyo became the capital .I am now here to create a center and source of French cuisine, so special for Tokyo, so special for Asakusa, so special to me”

Most of all, “Hommage” means “respect”, “honor”, or “tribute” in French. Indeed, the blessings of nature, the farmers who grow the ingredients, the seniors and the staff who always support him, his family. And above all, the guests who visit his restaurant to enjoy his cooking. Then, it is with gratitude and respect to all these who let him walk his way in the world of culinary that chef Noboru Arai has named his restaurant “Hommage”. No doubt, He is honored to be connected with French cuisine, so rich in traditions, and humbled to be its ambassador through cooking.

French techniques  shine at Hommage, where chef Noboru Arai uses ingredients from all over the world in his delicate coursed meals

Indeed, his ingredients are carefully chosen to ideally match a particular recipe. They are delivered from various parts of Japan and France, as well as other countries. Moreover, they do not only make the best of seasonal ingredients and refine their taste. But they also try to draw out the inner expression of every ingredient.
Furthermore, Chef Noboru Arai has come across various people and recipes and learnt a variety of things since his days of training till this moment. Thus, nurtured into who he is, he takes his past experience as the base ingredient. He seasons it with novelty and inspiration to create every single dish from the bottom of his heart.



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