Olivier BELLIN**

Chef Olivier Bellin: talent from Britany to Hong Kong

  • French 2 Stars chef at L’Auberge des Glazicks
  • Authentic and subtle Britany cuisine
  • 1* restaurant The Ocean in HK
  • Concept arund Street food in Paris

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Without any real vocation, except being a food lover, Olivier Bellin completed his apprenticeship at Lycée Le Paraclet in Quimper.

There he met the Chef Jean-Pierre Guillaume who would help him get on the right path with passion. In 1991, he won the Best Young Chef in the West award, which opened many doors. He chose Landes, in Magescq, with Jean Coussau, and discovered products from Gers, foie gras and mushrooms, Adour salmon, game and truffle.

At Pont Aven, a bit closer to his roots, Olivier then joined Guy Guilloux’s team, at La Taupinière. It was certainly here that he learned to weave his magic with fish.

One day, the famous Chef Joël Robuchon came for lunch at his restaurant. Olivier was a fan, just like a teenager fawns over a famous singer. He took care to collect press clippings about his work. His sole obsession was to work with him, one day. At the end of the meal, the Master visited the kitchen. Olivier had prepared oven grilled bass with potato pancakes and, discreetly, got himself noticed. At the time, he then had to complete his military service, in the kitchens at Quai d’Orsay, then personally working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, another wonderful experience.

Olivier Bellin then went to Switzerland, working with the creative and inspired Chef Denis Martin. There he discovered a graphic, pure approach to cuisine, designed with lines and strokes. After six months, Joël Robuchon’s secretary rang him to offer him a position. 5 days later, he was ready to go to Paris, to the restaurant Jamin, supported by Frédéric Anton and Benoit Guichard. The dream lasted for two years, after which Olivier Bellin went to Jacques Thorel’s Auberge Bretonne, in La Roche-Bernard. One year later, he decided to go back to the kitchens at the family inn, in Plomodiern. He officially became the restaurant’s chef in February 1998.

​​​​For two years, he met the customer base formed over time by his mother, workers and families coming to celebrate baptisms and weddings. Soon, he wanted to take on the challenge to make use of his training and create a renowned restaurant in his home village. In February 2003, Gilles Pudlowski took note of his work and published an article in the magazine Le Point. The effect was immediate, and the restaurant was launched into the upper echelons of gastronomy. The following year, he was recognized by the Michelin Guide and he was awarded his first star in 2005. Alain Ducasse’s Food France project also gave Olivier Bellin greater visibility, which encouraged him to strive for a second star. It arrived in 2010, and its impact went beyond all expectations, to the point of bowling over the entire team and the Chef himself.

Owner since 2014, Olivier Bellin has, however, found an excellent balance at his establishment, now a Relais & Châteaux property and recognised by Les Grandes Tables du Monde. Something to allow him to reach new heights…

Moreover, Olivier Bellin has been involved in opening such as The Ocean by Olivier Bellin in Hong Kong, which gained a Michelin Star very quickly after the opening. He had the chance to participate in different cooking shows and most recently he has created with three others shareholders the Street Food restaurant called Mersea in Paris.



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