Only 30 stars are missing for the French soccer team…

After this title of the French football team and this new star how not to speak of the champion of the chefs, the most starred in the world?

“One is not born a chef, one becomes one”, does that tell you something? Of course, we want to talk about Joel Robuchon, an exceptional chef and a great businessman.

Already head of nearly 30 institutions in his name, he plans to open more by 2019, as well as his school, the International Institute in Montmorillon, in his native region. Born in 1945 in Poitiers, a city in central France, chef Joel Robuchon started cooking at the age of 15. Very quickly, his talent and his strong character mark his entourage.

He rehabilitates mashed potatoes and makes it one of his signature dishes.

In 1976, he was crowned Meilleur Ouvrier de France, then Chef of the Year in 1987 and Cook of the Century in 1990. His first restaurant, the Jamin, opened in 1981, obtained in three years his three Michelin stars. In 1994, he opened his first establishment in his name, which inherits the title of “Best Restaurant of the World” by the International Herald Tribune. In 1996, the chef decides to retire. For seven years, Joel Robuchon will participate in television shows. But he misses the cuisine. In 2003, he opened his first “Atelier”, in Tokyo, then in Paris. Follow other “Ateliers” and gourmet restaurants.

Joel Robuchon is the chef with the most Michelin stars in the world with 32 stars

The next big step in the chef’s life is the creation of the Robuchon International Institute in Montmorillon. A very beautiful project but that struggles to advance. Indeed, after the visit of Emmanuel Macron between the two rounds of the French presidential election last year and the obtaining of the building permit at the beginning of the summer of 2017, Montmorillon hoped to see beginning in the autumn the works supposed to transform the Maison-Dieu monastery-hospital in Joel Robuchon International Institute. It will still patitenter, the financial package taking much longer than expected. The goal of opening the institute to its first students in September 2019 is no longer relevant…

But nothing prevents you from going to one of the establishments of Joel Robuchon to be starry-eyed

Indeed, in each of his restaurants, Joel Robuchon remains true to his principles, which have made him a guide to French gastronomy: a choice of exceptional products and a simplicity of execution thanks to his talent in choice and training of his chefs.