Paco MORALES ***

Chef Paco Morales : recovering Andalusia’s Arab Cuisine through the Avant Garde



  • Spanish 3  Stars chef in Córdoba
  • Andalusian cuisine reinterpreted
  • Innovative, dynamic and modern style

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In front of Spanish gastronomy, Paco Morales, member of a family focused on hospitality body and soul, inherits the love of the trade. In 2010 he obtained his first Michelin star with his restaurant “Paco Morales” in Bocairente. His large project, NOOR, opened on March 17, 2016, in his hometown Córdoba. A gastrocultural project in which Andalusian cuisine is reinterpreted. Carrying out a work of historical recovery and arduous study on the gastronomy of Al-Andalus. Rated the blend of the three cultures, which is undoubtedly the basis of the great Andalusian cuisine. Two Michelin stars in just over three years, and the almost unanimous support of customers, colleagues and critics, endorse this work of culinary research through the history of cooking.

Noor is the personal project which Paco Morales launched on his returning as a cook to his hometown, Córdoba. This does not mean that he has forgotten the respect for his roots or everything he have learned throughout his long career.

In Noor, it’s not just about experiencing Paco’s daily Al-Andalus cuisine. It is a cultural project which is part of the restaurant itself and, in addition, is a creative R&D space, in which he strives to rescue the splendor of the cuisine and service to the diner of a prodigious Al-Andalus, always from an innovative, dynamic and modern perspective.

It can be said that, in certain way, Noor Restaurant once again discovers again the history that is hidden in that master kitchen so that our clients can enjoy it through culinary creations. Noor started this project since the 10th century. Each season will reveal the evolution, century by century, of the Al-Andalus culinary art, which has a great influence on our famous Andalusian cuisine today.

He have been acclaimed 3* by the Michelin Guide Spain in 2023.



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