Chef Paolo Casagrande: combines Martín Berasategui’s signature classics with innovative dishes



  • Lasarte restaurant in Barcelona
  • Spanish 3  Stars chef since 2017
  • Nature knows best philosophy

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Italian born and very passionate of kitchen from an early age, Paolo Casagrande studied at the Alfredo Beltrame Hospitality School in Vittorio (Veneto) in northern Italy. From a young age he made his way through numerous restaurants in Italy to discover new techniques, discipline and creativity in the world of cooking. He perfected his culinary skills in prestigious gourmet restaurants in Milan, London, Paris, with internationally renowned chefs such as Alain SOLIVERES. In 2003, Paolo Casagrande went to work restaurant Martín Berasategui Restaurant in Lasarte (Guipúzcoa). Due to his good work and his great capacity of work he was placed by Martín Berasategui at the front of the recognized M. B. restaurant in the Ritz-Carlton, Abama (Canary Islands) where it obtains the first Michelin star for the Restaurant. He later directed the opening of Castadiva Resort, a luxury hotel on Lake Como (Italy). In 2012 Paolo Casagrande rejoins Martín Berasategui. The complicity and mutual trust between the two makes Martin put him to direct the kitchen at Lasarte restaurant in Barcelona, awarded with 3 stars in the Michelin guide since 2017. Since February 2016, Paolo has been in charge of the gastronomic project of Momument Hotel, under the direction of Berasategui, the luxury hotel which also hosts Restaurant Lasarte and Oria Restaurant, also awarded with 1 Michelin star. His career has been characterized by the depth of his commitment, consistency, constancy, effort and passion for cooking.  




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