Pepi ANEVSKI – World Sushi Champion

Pepi Anevski: World Sushi Champion & World’s most creative sushi master

  • World sushi cup champion
  • Most creative sushi chef
  • Kuroobi exam
  • Certified Head sushi chef

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First of all, with more than 15 years of experience in the branch chef Pepi Aneveski’s latest achievement is winning the World Sushi Cup in Tokyo Japan in March 2013, and was awarded the title “World’s most creative sushi master. Moreover, Pepi Anevski is educated in classic Japanese sushi in Chiba Japan by Mr Kazato and became certified sushi Head chef by the AJSA(All Japan Sushi association) and from World Sushi Skill Institute.

Furthermore, he has been working in Copenhagen, Denmark as Head Sushi Chef where he also learned the beautiful art of sushi. Indeed, after winning the World sushi cup he got the offer to work as Executive sushi manager for Attic Salt group. Then, His aim and ambition is to raise the sushi awareness globally and spread the art of sushi to people that are willing to learn.

“Sushi is much more than a food creation. Its more of an art which by understanding and respecting the core products gives you amazing results,” he says.

He’s certain about his favourite sushi – Nigiri saying, “That’s the best taste you can get when eating sushi. A Nigiri that’s perfectly balanced with the fish, rice and wasabi is a must for me. It looks easy to make but in reality it’s so hard to get it perfect.”

His creativity originates from his innate curiosity about combining new flavours and developing recipes. “I always strive to be better than I was yesterday.”

Discover chef Pepi Anevski’s most achievments

Japan: First Place Tokyo World Sushi Cup 2013
World’s most creative sushi master Japan: Tokyo
Certified Head Chef by AJSA( All Japan Sushi association) and from World Sushi Skill Institute
Japan: Most creative sushi chef Tokyo World Sushi Cup 2014
Europe: Second Place Nordic sushi championship 2014


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