Pere Planaguma: the new Spanish cuisine


  • Spanish 2 Stars chef
  • Refined and generous cuisine
  • A cuisine of the rural landscape and the seasonality

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First of all, the cuisine of Pere Planaguma seeks to convey much with but a few elements. Indeed, his work is about a cuisine that is simple yet essential, refined yet generous, sustainable gastronomy in a globalized world.
In his early years of training, Pere Planaguma worked in several highly regarded European restaurants, including La Tour d’Argent Restaurant in Paris, Mas Pau Avinyonet, and El Bulli under Ferran Adrià in Girona . Also, he has worked for several years in the El Celler Restaurant of Can Roca as a culinary consultant and professor of creative cuisine. Currently, Pere Planaguma is the head chef of the Les Cols of Olot Restaurant in Girona.

The Restaurant…sounds, colours, scents

Stillness, silence and mystery. The soft, warm light. The sky and the earth. The virtuous game of shadows and water. Gravel, grass and flowers. The intimacy of a landscape. The immutable cycle of the seasons.
As a result, they try to establish the relationship between each moment and the beauty, and to live intensely every minute. Indeed, small things fill them with joy and get me closer to essentiality and to a complete life. All this environment should favour a cuisine of the rural landscape and the seasonality. Hence, simple but essential. Rather austere and humble but intuitive, intimate and authentic. As such, a cuisine that should become the reflection of the way they are.
From here, but with the ability to open ourselves to the world, with the aim of reaching universality through the space of the intimacy. The splendour of nature.
The completeness of life.