Pierre Augé – Celebrity Chef

Chef Pierre Augé : magnifying local products of the French Mediterranean lands

  • Mediterranean Chef based in Bézier, France
  • Terroir and Sea in his signature dishes
  • TV Shows (Top Chef)

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Born in Béziers in a family of artisans, Pierre Augé spent his childhood in the kitchen and very early developed a love for local products. After a hotel school, he multiplied for 10 years his experience with renowned chefs such as Eric Frechon in his eponymous restaurant, Frédéric Anton (Pré Catelan), Yves Camdeborde (La Régalade), Pierre Gagnaire at the Sketch in London and finally at the Hotel Murano where he won his first place as a chef.

Finalist in the first season of the Top Chef show FR

In 2010, he returned to Béziers and, with his wife Fanny, bought out his father’s restaurant, which he renamed “La Maison de Petit Pierre”. That same year, Pierre became known to the public by becoming a finalist in the first season of the Top Chef show. In 2014, he returned to this competition and finally won.

Thanks to his creative cuisine, which focus on Mediterranean products, Pierre Augé has established himself as an essential figure in Occitan and French gastronomy.

La Maison de Petit Pierre

Opened in 2010 by Chef Pierre Augé and his wife Fanny, La Maison de Petit Pierre quickly became an essential address in Occitanie. Wanted as a family home, it is a warm and accessible place for all tastes and budgets.

From traditional recipes to more personal creations, Pierre Augé likes to celebrate the terroir and the sea in his signature dishes, such as the mussel stew from Etang de Thau and the Mediterranean squid stuffed with candied rabbit.

The menu changes every day according to the seasons, with the desire to magnify local products and arouse the emotions of customers.



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