Rafael GOMES – Winner of MasterChef Pro Brazil

Rafael Gomes : the cosmopolitan Brazilian chef

  • Fusion restaurant “Itacoa” in Paris
  • Former Executive chef of Mauro Colagreco
  • Worked at Eleven Madison in NYC
  • Modern and casual with South American influences

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The Brazilian-born chef Rafael Gomes, who has formerly cooked at Eleven Madison in New York City and on an Alaskan fishing trawler, has been the acting cook at Restaurant Grand Coeur in Paris.

Rafael Gomes is a Young Brazilian chef with Metropolitan accents, master of inventive cuisine with South American influences. Seat at Rafael’s Table is offering yourself a gastronomic trip nourished by sun, fresh herbs, spices, food and condiments from many different places.

Learning next to Mauro Colagreco**

If he put on his first cook jacket in the United States (Gramercy Tavern* and Eleven Madison Park * * *) and enriches its international experience (Alaska, Asia, Latin America, Europe), it is in becoming the chef of the Grand Coeur restaurant, by Mauro Colagreco (2 Michelin stars) that Rafael makes his career evolve in France.

Thanks to its immense passion for products and its perfection in the kitchen, Rafael wins his place in the restaurant de Colagreco, Le Mirazur, located in Menton. With the success of his collaboration with the Argentine leader, he entrusted him with the kitchens of his new Parisian establishment: le Grandcœur.  During three years, Rafael Gomes developed the popular brasserie Grand Coeur. A restaurant from the Argentine chef Mauro Colagreco — who is best known for his Michelin-starred restaurant, Mirazur, on the French Riviera — and run by the Brazilian chef Rafael Gomes. He worked with Colagreco to update the menu around what’s best in the local markets.

Running his own restaurant : Itacoa

It is today in the 2Th Arrondissement of Paris that Rafael opened his first table, proposing in a rough decor a local cuisine, in season, putting fresh products in the spotlight. His creations, especially Mediterranean, also reflect his identity forged by his many places of life (Brazil, New York, France, etc…)

Today, at Itacoa, he offers with his brigade (3 in the kitchen and 2 in the room) an accessible and full of flavours, like the Banka trout with potatoes, or the place yellow, carrots, oranges and ginger.

His cuisne is generous and fine and its values on the Gastronomy: Respect for the season, the quality of the Product The small producers, the control of the taste, create fresh flavors and make its dishes lively, always under exotic influences with a great technical mastery. With his many experiences abroad Rafael has forged a good reputation that gives him the opportunity to work on various international events. Between China, Brazil, London and many other destinations to come, Rafael is a true cosmopolitan leader.

In 2018, Rafael Gomes participated to the Masterchef Professional TV show in Brazil.



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