Ronny EMBORG**

Ronny Emborg : The ‘Sensory kitchen’ Chef


  • American 2 Stars chef
  • Danish roots cuisine
  • Cuisine based on all senses

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First of all, Danish Chef Ronny Emborg trained at the Molskroen Hotel and Restaurant in 2000 and quickly received recognition by earning “The Culinary Star of Europe” in 2002. On top, while working for Queen Margaret II of Denmark, Emborg was head-hunted by one of country’s top restaurants, Michelin-starred Marchal at the Hotel d’Angleterre.

Making a name in “sensorial cuisine,” a gastronomic style that engages all the senses

Indeed Ronny Emborg has spent time in some of the most prestigious kitchens on the international scene, including El Bulli, Mugaritz, and Prémisse (Copenhagen, Denmark). In 2007, he was named “Chef of the Year” in Denmark. Consequently, he was hired as head chef at restaurant AOC, housed in a former 17th century wine cellar in the heart of the Danish capital. As a result his creative talent truly came to the fore. Therefore, Ronny Emborg explored the possibilities of molecular gastronomy and earned his first Michelin star.

Then, after this experience, he returned to the Hotel d’Angleterre as executive chef. On top, he published his own book entitled The Wizard’s Cookbook, featuring 112 recipes, along with insight into Nordic avant-garde cuisine. Also the stunning photographs in the book were taken by fellow Dane, photographer Signe Birck.

Since 2015, Ronny Emborg has held the post of executive chef at tasting menu temple Atera in New York City,. Since then he continues to dive deep into the sensations of cooking and eating. Thanks to his ‘sensory kitchen’ he is awarded of 2 stars by Michelin New York, at Atera.

Yet, we live in a world of senses. Everything we experience is captured and brought to our consciousness only by our senses. Indeed they are our single point of contact to the reality in which we act. As a result, a gentle summer breeze kissing our cheek has to be captured and decoded by our senses before it even makes any sense in our brains.

Moverover, the crackling hiss from a New Year’s rocket before it explodes in the sky in a deafening boom, leaving colorful trails across the sky, is the same. Also, the smell burns in our nose, our eardrums vibrate and the eyes perceive flaming magenta and cobalt blue.

Our senses guide us through the world – sound, color, feeling, smell, and taste

Nothing makes the senses feel more alive than the act of eating, and nothing makes more sense than to enjoy a good meal. And from this feeling the sensory kitchen is born.

Photo credits : Signe Birck


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