Chef Ryohei Kawasaki : beautifully marrying Japanese and French cuisine

  • 1 Michelin Star chef
  • Japanese chef based in Paris
  • Fusion Japanese-French cuisine

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This establishment invites you to celebrate a splendid marriage between Japanese and French cuisine. Japanese chef Ken Kawasaki has put together a fine team, who together prepare exquisitely graphic dishes, full of unusual flavours using market-fresh ingredients. Simply excellent.

To discover our authentic cuisine with French and Japanese aromas we welcome you in our “cockpit” around our small counter. Each month a new menu, new ideas, new destinations, new creations and flavors always accompanied by wines and sakes because yes our cuisine, modern, savored as much with wine as with sake.  At the foot of the hill Montmartre, rue Caulaincourt in the 18th, we offer a round trip between France and Japan. Beautifully marrying Japanese and French cuisine, Michelin-starred Ryohei Kawasaki opened his first restaurant, Noborimachi Saryo, in Hiroshima, initiating locals to the secrets of French food. His venture was soon embraced by the public, leaving guests’ palates with the very best impressions.

A few years later, he decides to test himself with a restaurant in Montmartre, ready to face the demanding diners of Paris. Ken Kawasaki’s dishes are highly minimal but don’t compromise flavour.  After all, how could they, when his main concern is choosing seasonal and local quality ingredients which add to the dishes the authenticity they deserve?


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