Start preparing your end of year Guest Chef Events

While some are enjoying vacations, F&B leaders are already organizing their end-of-year events ….


The recipe for success of any F&B events? Anticipation is key to get the right chef’s profile. Now is the time to look at the end of year.

Forget about everybody’s summer holidays, as every F&B teams, you should start planning and  organizing your next culinary event for your guests.
Therefore, FRENCHEFS offers you some ideas in order to define the main themes of your future events, looking at the end of the year 2018.

A busy month of October

It is good to know that the 1st of October is the Chinese National Day. Great news for you, FRENCHEFS works in collaboration with 7 chefs specialized in Chinese cuisine. It’s up to you to choose which guest chef best matches your event. Here is the list.

Two days later, it will be the turn of the national holiday in Germany, for the occasion you have the choice as guest chef between the Chef Thomas Buhner, known worldwide or the brothers Suhring, based in Asia. As much to tell you that you have there sacred headliners. Discover those chefs there.

On the 12th, tapas will be in the spotlight. Indeed it is the day of the Spanish national holiday. FRENCHEFS offers for the occasion 3 Spanish chefs, all Michelin starred. See them here. What more ?

October is a very busy month in the world of gastronomy. Indeed many events are held during this month such as Gastronomika in San Sebastian, NY Wine & Food Festival or St Barth Gourmet Festival. The icing on the cake on October 20th is the International Chefs Day. You will not be able to say that you did not know!

And if you ever want to try something eccentric, why not find inspiration with Halloween on October 31st to select your guest chef. Some American chefs there.


In November, the theme seems appropriate with the Lebanese national holiday. For the occasion, Joe Barza, the Lebanese Master Chef seems to be the man of the situation.

Next to this, you have on the 4th Thursday of November the so American holiday of Thanksgiving. Another chance to play on the American theme, here it is!

December, a month of corporate private dinners

As for the month of December, the inevitable theme of Christmas or the end of the year is a no-brainer, so as all the business and internal private dinners that go with it.

However, be aware that the Finnish national holiday will be held on the 6th. For the ocassion, the star chef Filip Langhoff will be able to cook delicious Finnish specialties. Here are our Nordic chefs.
To conclude, the 23rd is also the national holiday in Japan. You will be spoiled for choice. Indeed, Frenchefs collaborates with 10 chefs mastering in Japanese cuisine. See them all.

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