Stephanie LE QUELLEC**

Stephanie Le Quellec : a modern & promising signature of French cuisine

  • French 2 Star chef
  • Top Chef TV show winner 2011
  • Modern Parisian Palace cuisine

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Within the elegant Prince de Galles Hotel, La Scène shines the spotlight on the kitchens, which are separated from the dining area by just a white marble counter. They are the realm of Stephanie Le Quellec, no stranger to the limelight since winning France’s ‘Top Chef’ TV show in 2011. Imaginative, harmonious and precise dishes.

Considered one of the most promising signatures of French cuisine, Stephanie Le Quellec grew up in a family that always considered good food to be one of the core values in the pleasures of eating.

A passionate young woman, she forged her personality and style alongside the two most highly esteemed professionals in France: Philippe Legendre (George V) and then Philippe Jourdin (Terre Blanche). Her training was in the purest French tradition; this is now the key feature of her cooking, which is full of character and fuelled by passion, hard work, discipline and generosity. It is a nuanced cuisine oscillating between passion and grace.

Inspired by the flavoursome simplicity of Southern French cuisine

Stephanie Le Quellec strips gastronomy of any pretentiousness. At the Prince de Galles hotel and under her direction, the gastronomic restaurant La Scène, her preferred bar Les Heures and her famous Patio all deliver a culinary experience that is focused on generosity and the quality of exceptional products.

For the Prince de Galles, she composes her dishes with measured, precise and sophisticated simplicity.

“I like to get to the heart of the matter. I want my cooking to be understandable. So that my compositions make sense, I devise menus that are short, effective, seasonal and fun.”

Stephanie Le Quellec embodies the gastronomic revival of this Maison de Luxe, which has always been esteemed for its discretion and elegance.

“When faced with clearly fine flavours, you have to be able to have the good sense to step aside. Enjoying yourself is the only thing that counts.”

Since the Michelin Guide 2019, Stephanie Le Quellec is awarded of 2 stars.

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