Tadaaki Ishizaki : THE chef of Japanese-style dry-aging beef



  • Japanese chef based in NYC
  • Leader in Japanese-style dry aged beef
  • Founding member of the Japan Dry Aging Beef Promotion Board

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Executive Chef Tadaaki Ishizaki is one of Japan’s preeminent leaders in Japanese-style dry aged beef. As a founding member of the Japan Dry Aging Beef Promotion Board, he has dedicated the last ten years of his life to extensively researching and testing scientific methods of increasing preferable flavor compounds in the dry aging process.

Salt + Charcoal’s superior dry-aged selections

Salt + Charcoal’s superior dry-aged selections all start with chef Ishizaki cultivating personal relationships in the premium beef industry at the personally-inspected packing facilities in Chicago. Every week, chef Ishizaki hand selects the beef to be delivered to Salt + Charcoal to ensure that only the highest quality is offered.

However, Chef Ishizaki’s expertise is not only limited to beef

He has constantly refined his culinary acumen throughout his career at a wide variety of critically-acclaimed eateries, including a three-star Michelin French restaurant. Chef Ishizaki’s where he honed his skills in poisson, and entrée froides. Perfection in Japanese cuisine and extreme attention to detail comes naturally to him, with all of chef Ishizaki’s culinary expertise uniting at Salt + Charcoal.

Salt + Charcoal Williamsburg, a unique meat-lover restaurant

Indeed, it is one of a kind Japanese Grill, located in the heart of Williamsburg. Preparation of our signature steaks start with our chef, Tadaaki Ishizaki (formerly at Michelin 3 Star restaurant, Joel Robuchon Tokyo) hand selecting each piece of prime USDA beef at the purveyor. Then, it is dry aged for 28 days before charcoal-grilling using our unique crank grill. As a result, it is a super tender steak with all of the umami trapped inside. Also, we have a wide selection of seafood, a raw bar, and Japanese inspired appetizers. To conclude, our full bar features original cocktails crafted by award winning mixologists. Also, a variety of Japanese spirits, and wines specially crafted to pair with our food offerings.



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