Chef Takashi Namekata: a maverick in the world of seafood in Dubai



  • In the Michelin guide Dubai since 2023
  • Co-Head Chef of TakaHisa Dubai
  • Sushi Master

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Hailing from the bustling port city of Yokohama, Japan, Sushi Master Chef Takashi ‘Taka’ Namekata has spent 20 years perfecting his expertise in the kitchen. Renowned for his creativity and growing up by the sea, Chef Taka is a maverick in the world of seafood, ceaselessly venturing into unchartered territories of taste.

His culinary career commenced at the age of 17 when he immersed himself in his city’s local cuisine and worked part-time at a restaurant specializing in eels. This initial experience ignited his desire to pursue becoming a chef. As he continues to evolve in his professional journey, Chef Taka joined award-winning restaurants, such as Toufuya Ukai, a multi-awarded venue and culinary group where he mastered the art of Kaiseki or traditional Japanese multi-course meals. It was during his tenure at this esteemed establishment that he acquired the foundational techniques of cooking and a profound culinary philosophy.

After years spent mastering his craft in Japan, Chef Taka’s journey led him to the UAE in 2010. He swiftly soared through the ranks of top-tier Japanese establishments across Dubai. Beyond the UAE, Chef Taka proudly showcased Japanese gastronomy, sharing his expertise in Qatar and various African countries at the behest of the Japanese government—a key milestone etched in his professional legacy.

In 2021, Chef Taka, in collaboration with Wagyu Master Chef Hisao ‘Hisa’ Ueda and entrepreneur Aimi Shibuya, unveiled TakaHisa, a culinary haven showcasing the very best of traditional Japanese dining. This culinary destination is an ode to the two master chefs and swiftly rose to prominence, becoming synonymous with exceptional Japanese cuisine and unparalleled service. The restaurant is celebrated for its premium seafood, A5 Wagyu beef, and exceptional produce sourced directly from Tokyo’s illustrious Toyosu Fish Market, and its impeccable Omakase experiences.

A mere 15 months after its inception on Bluewaters Island, TakaHisa made its distinguished debut on the prestigious Gault&Millau UAE Guide and Michelin Guide Dubai in 2023. United with Chef Hisa, Chef Taka relentlessly endeavours to fortify their culinary footprint in Dubai, ceaselessly striving to infuse each guest’s dining experience at TakaHisa with absolute satisfaction and unbridled joy.



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